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Archive for November, 2010

Video: How to Create a Pressure Seal Self Mailer Form in 60 Seconds

For those unfamiliar with pressure seal self mailer forms, it’s sometimes difficult explaining the concept of the form and its benefits without showing the form in action. We created this quick video to do exactly that. Watch this video to see how we printed our Relyco 2010 holiday card on blank pressure seal stock paper, processed and sealed the form, and had it ready for mailing in just 60 seconds.

Yes, it really is that easy and we can show exactly how you can do it. Learn more about Relyco’s ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal Self Mailer solutions and benefits in our Expertise Center. You can also call us at 1-800-777-7359 or Email us to hear more.

Why a MICR Printer? MICR Printer vs. Standard Laser Printer

MICR check line

Printed MICR Check Line

The American Bankers Association (ABA) made MICR the standard because it could be printed using existing technology, and while it is possible to print using a standard laser printer with a MICR toner cartridge, only with a MICR printer and MICR toner will a user be ensured of the quality that will meet ANSI standards and that the MICR line will be acceptable to a financial institution’s readers.

Only a MICR laser printer can guarantee compliance with the six ANSI X.9 standards for MICR printing. Manufacturers of standard laser printers cannot guarantee that the MICR line will be readable or usable.

In addition, MICR printers can also offer a host of security features—including paper-tray or printer locks—that prevent unauthorized users from printing checks. A special security cartridge, which can be removed and stored in a secure area after use, can ensure that authorized signatures, company logos, and font information remains protected.

Read our whitepaper—The Value of MICR Check Technology: Understanding the Benefits of Secure, High-Performance, Cost-Effective MICR Laser Check Printing Solutions—to learn more about MICR, and continue to visit our blog for more MICR news.

Happy Thanksgiving from Relyco…Print Your Turkey

Everyone at Relyco would like to wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving

Print this turkey for your kids to color

Cloud Printing…Is This What’s Coming?

I came across this Blog post, The Future of Printing: In the Clouds? It’s a very interesting read for where the print industry will be going and this will be happening sooner rather than later…

If you don’t know what Cloud Computing or Cloud Services are, you soon will. Microsoft’s current consumer ad campaign is geared towards what Cloud Computing means to the consumer. For the business world, it’s another technology advancement designed to enhance productivity through collaboration and connection. Everybody is now connected and Cloud Computing and Services are the way for us to all interact together in more efficient manner. You will also here terms like software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), managed print services (MPS), and online printing solutions

So, what does this mean to the print industry? As described in aforementioned post, little will change in the offset printing world…at least for awhile. Big changes could be on the immediate horizon for businesses and digital printing. SaaS based applications will drive these changes. Today, you can run cloud based applications with nothing installed on your local computer to accomplish any type of business function you can think of. With everything more connected, you can access application from anywhere and choose where to output your print jobs. This means you can also more efficiently outsource your printing jobs.

Print shops should be embracing this technology as an important business advantage to better align themselves with their customers. By providing their customers the ability to send jobs from virtually any type of device, they could enable customers flexibility, which could significantly increase business opportunities. It also opens up a wealth of new business potential as the local print shop now has the chance to go global. Every customer is just a connection away.

To talk to us about what this all means, Email me!