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Archive for January, 2011

Relyco Launches New CHEKSERV Automated Check Printing Software

Relyco today announced the launch of CHEKSERV, an automated check printing software solution that improves efficiency, security, and cost. Powered by TROY, CHEKSERV is built on server-based architecture for Windows 7 (Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP) that works with virtually any accounting and financial system to meet the demands of accounts payable and payroll check issuance.Relyco CHEKSERV Automated Check Printing Software

“We partnered with TROY to deliver the industry’s most intuitive, easy-to-use, and secure check writing software available. CHEKSERV is a major upgrade providing new automation capabilities, flexible and scalable deployment, and very compelling ROI,” said Mike Steinberg, president of Relyco. “Coupled with our complete line of MICR printers and secure laser check stock, Relyco offers the industry’s most comprehensive laser check printing solutions.”

For financial institutions and corporations that seek to cut operating costs, reduce operational risk, and improve customer service, CHEKSERV provides full automation of check disbursements and other forms-driven processes across all departments in the enterprise. CHEKSERV enables cost effective automation of disbursements in a single department, throughout multiple departments, across all branch locations, and provides secure remote disbursements across the Internet. Additionally, CHEKSERV offers PDF imaging, batch, manual disbursement capabilities, and a forms design module to help automate all traditional forms-based processes.

Relyco CHEKSERV Automated Check Printing Software

CHEKSERV Easy-to-Use Graphical User Interface

To save users time and money as well as prevent operational and external fraud, CHEKSERV includes these new features: Smart Toolset makes account management, check, and form design easy for any user

  • Smart Toolset makes account management, check, and form design easy for any user
  • Intelligent Printing provides quick PDF image output of checks or other documents for archive, search, and retrieval
  • True Integration with Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP enables administrator control and avoids dual system configuration and maintenance of users and groups
  • Positive Pay eliminates the risk of clearing duplicate or counterfeit checks

CHEKSERV software is currently available from Relyco. To request a free trial of CHEKSERV, contact Relyco by phone at 800.777.7359 or Email us.

What Are the Components of a MICR Laser Check System

A MICR laser check system is made up of four key components: the MICR laser printer, MICR toner, secure check stock and check-writing software.

Laser MICR Check Printing

MICR Laser Check System

The MICR laser printer is a specialized laser printer capable of producing a check that meets ANSI standards, including the durability and uniform placement of the MICR font. A MICR laser printer can create a check in a single-step by imprinting all required information; a blank piece of security paper becomes a complete check with variable payee data, digitized signatures, a company logo, bank identification and electronically readable MICR line.

MICR toner is a specially formulated mixture of toner and iron oxide designed to be used in a laser MICR printer set with a specific signal strength to print MICR characters that can be easily read by the financial institution.

Secure check stock is a paper designed with security features that prevent tampering and forgery to ensure a secure financial transaction.

Read our whitepaper—The Value of MICR Check Technology: Understanding the Benefits of Secure, High-Performance, Cost-Effective MICR Laser Check Printing Solutions—to learn more about MICR, and continue to visit our blog for more MICR news.

Contact Relyco to hear how we can help you. Visit our website, call us at 1-800-777-7359, or Email us.

The Importance of Paper Shredding: Stay Secure and Compliant

Paper shredders are everywhere now and are an essential business appliance. Banks have them next to their tellers, by counters for their customers, and in employee offices. Retailers have them next to their registers. Healthcare facilities need them to comply with HIPAA standards. Every financial firm has them to comply with the myriad of regulations that they must comply with.Formax paper shredders from Relyco

Still, not enough data is shredded. Important information ends up in the trash every day. This can result in unneeded liability and in the potential for identity theft.

Why Paper Shredding Is So Important

  • Identity Theft: A a recent report from the Federal Trade Commission estimates that more than 27 million people have had their identities stolen in the past five years. Many of these identity thefts could have been prevented if individuals and businesses were more diligent about shredding confidential documents and information. For businesses, the accidental release of confidential consumer information can be devastating. A single data breech can result in millions of dollars of fines, penalties and brand damage to many organizations. Can your organization afford that type of problem? If not, you need a shredder and a data security plan.
  • Control of Information: Placing a shredder beside your desk, near the photocopier or in your workroom is not only convenient it is wise. It will give you the ability to personally ensure that your sensitive data has been completely destroyed. You can see the document being shredded and have confidence that your information is safe and secure. Having a shredder nearby will help to make it convenient for you or your employees to maintain your compliance with laws such as FACTA and HIPAA. It will also prevent confidential HR, Accounting, Legal or Marketing materials from ending up in the wrong hands.

Here are some of the types of paper shredders to consider:

  • Deskside Shredders: These paper shredders are designed for individual users and home users. If you regularly create or handle sensitive information then this type of shredder may be for you. Even large organizations with centralized shredding devices will use smaller deskside shredders in executive offices or highly confidential workspaces. Deskside shredders are often used to destroy confidential memos, unsolicited credit card applications, junk mail and personal financial data.
  • Professional Shredders: These shredders are used in an office environment and are usually shared between 1-5 employees who regularly handle sensitive information. Professional shredders are often placed in small departments or small business offices. You may find one of these shredding devices in a small Human Resources, Accounting, Legal or Marketing department.
  • Commercial Shredders: Are ideal for multiple users and shared workspaces. These paper shredding devices are often placed next to a workgroup printer, in a print center or in a mailroom. Commercial shredders will offer larger bin capacity, higher throughput, wider throats and better speed than professional shredders.
  • Industrial Shredders: For the highest volume users, an industrial shredding device is the answer. Often found in the basement of large buildings such as hospitals, these machines are designed to shred multiple tones of paper per month. Larger organizations who are currently using a shredding service may want to consider an industrial shredder.

Relyco offers a complete shredder line from Formax to meet any paper shredding need. Contact Relyco to hear how we can help you. Visit our website, call us at 1-800-777-7359, or Email us.

ANSI Standard Changes Affect How IRDs Are Printed

In November of 2010, ANSI X9. 100-140-2008 became a mandatory standard affecting how IRDs (Image Replacement Documents) are printed.

Relyco IRD Substitute Checks

Relyco IRD/Substitute Checks

Highlights of the new version of the standard include:

  • Return Reason Overlay moved off image to allow for greater clarity of the original item
  • Truncating institution sequence number, routing number, and processing date reordered
  • Minor changes to the ECE institution endorsements on the back of the items (for more details,

Guaranteed Check 21 Compliance
Thousands of financial institutions rely on Relyco for their IRD printing needs. Relyco IRD paper/Substitute Checks are specifically designed to comply with the ANSI X9.100-140-2008 technical guidelines in size, layout, paper weight, and document security.  In stock and ready-to-ship, our high-quality safety IRD paper is image friendly and provides optimal scanning consistency and superior laser compatibility.

Check out our Expertise Center for more info on Check 21 and IRDs.

Contact Relyco to hear how we can help you. Visit our website, call us at 1-800-777-7359, or Email us.