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Contractor Monitors Electrical Installation on Job Site with REVLAR Waterproof Paper from Relyco

Founded in 1952, Detroit-based Motor City Electric Co. is one of the largest contractors in the nation, with an organization focused on service, capability, and quality. Electrical construction is the company’s core business, but Motor City Electric Co. also offers specialized services to meet the requirements of customers across nine divisions: automotive and process, commercial, industrial, specialty industries, service and emergency, public works and steel, technologies, utilities, and excavation.

Motor City Electric Co. is supporting the construction of a large steel mill for Dearborn, Michigan-based Severstal North America, the fourth largest steelmaker in the U.S. Construction plans for the steel mill project call for electrical setups for a vast array of sensors, instruments, and other devices across the job site, and for each setup, electricians, engineers, and others working on the project must capture information about where wires terminate within the device, as well as where wires terminate on each related electrical panel.

“Information about termination is essential for anyone working on the job site and must be closely monitored so that updated information can be shared with those in the field,” explains Brian Wendling, Motor City Electric Co. electrical engineer. “In the past, we tried to collect and share this information using traditional paper, which frequently deteriorated. Construction sites are notoriously messy and often open to the weather, and forms are handled by multiple workers; traditional paper just isn’t designed for that type of use.”

Confident that a better paper solution must be available, Wendling searched online and found Relyco. “When I contacted Relyco and explained our application, they recommended REVLAR, which met our requirements perfectly,” he says. “Relyco offered to provide samples for us to try in the field, and we were very impressed. We never even tried to contact other vendors.”

Relyco REVLAR Waterproof Paper

Relyco REVLAR Waterproof Paper Was Used to Label Connections During Construction

Today, Wendling and his colleagues are able to print information about wire termination and other relevant data needed by workers in the field on REVLAR. Once the form is in the field, workers can document changes easily and then return the form for tracking. “With REVLAR, forms can stand up to the wear and tear typical on a job site, including water, grease, or chemicals,” Wendling notes. “When a form is returned for tracking, new information is legible, and we can easily determine what the team in the field has done. Plus, REVLAR works well with our printers and is available in a number of colors, which is valuable because we can use a different color sheet for each task, including tracking information about termination at the panel, information about termination at the device, and reporting.”

While Wendling’s goal was finding a paper solution that could work with Motor City Electric Co.’s specific application, he also found other advantages of working with Relyco. “Obviously, it was very important that we found the right type of paper,” he says. “We’d invested in heavy-weight linen paper in the past that was costly but just couldn’t stand up to the abuse in the field. REVLAR from Relyco does the job and is priced to align with our budget. Plus, the service we received from Relyco has been very responsive.”

Download your own copy of the Motor City Electric story here. To learn more about Relyco products and services, call 1-800-777-7359, email, or visit us on the web at

Relyco Launches DURASEAL Envelopes

Relyco Launches DURASEAL Envelopes – Most Comprehensive Selection of Business, Security, and Specialty EnvelopesRelyco DURASEAL business and security envelopes

Industry’s highest quality, best performing, and most secure business envelopes are ideal for any type of mailing, transport or inter-office application

In today’s press release, Relyco announced its comprehensive DURASEAL™ brand of business, security, and specialty envelopes. DURASEAL is the industry’s highest quality, best performing, and most secure business envelopes for any type of mailing, transport, or inter-office application – guaranteed by Relyco.

“Businesses often do not think about the envelopes they order until they use an inferior product that doesn’t consistently seal, shows through to reveal critical information, or simply breaks down through processing,” said Mike Steinberg, president of Relyco. “But the fact is, your envelope is often the first thing somebody sees from your company and you must think about how its presentation reflects upon your business. Our DURASEAL envelopes are guaranteed to perform and are manufactured to the highest quality standards to meet your specific needs.”

Secure, Stylish, or Simple Envelopes for All Mailing Needs
From a secure envelope that delivers maximum protection for confidential documents, something stylish that will make mailed pieces stand out, a simple, standard envelope for everyday business mailings, or maybe even an envelope that

Relyco DURASEAL business and security envelopes

Relyco DURASEAL envelopes are the industry's highest quality and most secure business envelopes

does it all; Relyco DURASEAL envelopes are ideal for any application.

Relyco carries a complete line of high quality, professional DURASEAL envelopes specially designed to protect the information being mailed out. The DURASEAL line of envelopes comes in every imaginable size (standard, large format, special), style, and material (paper, poly, Tyvek, and more).

  • DURASEAL Security Envelopes – are specially designed with check and document security in mind – featuring the new DURASEAL security tint. DURASEAL high security check envelopes protect critical bank routing and account information with the use of the new inside security tint and unique window positioning. Additionally, confidential and tamper-indicating envelopes are available – ensuring the security of sealed documents.
  • DURASEAL Everyday Business – are available in #9 and #10 envelope sizes, DURASEAL standard business envelopes provide the perfect solution to meet basic day-to-day mailing needs. DURASEAL business envelopes are always in–stock and ready for immediate shipment.
  • DURASEAL Specialty Envelopes – are designed to meet the needs of unique applications. DURASEAL envelopes come in many sizes and types of materials. Poly and Tyvek envelopes perform above and beyond paper envelopes. Antimicrobial envelopes help prevent the spread of germs and are great for healthcare applications.
  • DURASEAL Custom Envelopes – offer unlimited design flexibility and security options to create an envelope for virtually any application that not only looks great and enhances the corporate brand, but also protects sealed documents.

The complete line of Relyco DURASEAL envelopes is currently available. For pricing, more information, and how to purchase, contact Relyco by phone at 800.777.7359 or 603.742.0999, by email at, or visit

Study: QR Codes Scanned by 14 Million Americans in June

Study: QR Codes Scanned by 14 Million Americans in June

scanning QR code

Create a QR code sign on Relyco REVLAR waterproof paper to provide more product info

From Print Solutions:

Internet data research company comScore Inc. recently released the results of a study on mobile QR (quick response) code scanning. The results found that in June 2011, 14 million U.S. mobile users (6.2 percent of the total audience) had scanned a QR code on their mobile devices. The study determined that the average user was male, between the ages of 18 and 34 and made more than $100,000 a year. The study analyzed the source and location of QR code scanning as well, finding that users were most likely to scan codes found in newspapers and magazines and on product packaging, and to do so while at home or in a store. The most popular source of a scanned QR code was a printed magazine or newspaper, with nearly half (49.4 percent) scanning QR codes from this source. Product packaging was the source of QR code scanning for 35.3 percent of the audience, while 27.4 percent scanned a code from a website on a PC and 23.5 percent scanned codes from a poster/flyer/kiosk.

Want to learn how you can use QR codes on your signs, mailers, forms, and more, talk to us today…1-800-777-7359 or Visit for more info.

Business paper use remains high

Just came across this article, Business paper use remains high, from this week’s Computerworld. There are some interesting facts in the article, which match up with what we are experiencing in the market today. With better and more affordable printers and managed print services gaining momentum, businesses are able to do so much more in-house these days with the goal of saving time and money. With networked color laser printers and digital copiers, businesses can now do things in-house that they used to have to go to a third party or commercial printer for, such printing promotional mailers, multi-part forms, signage, personalized packaging, checks, and more. We continue to see an increase in sales on our substrate (paper consumables) products because our focus is on laser and digital applications.

laser and digital printing

Relyco enables businesses to do more with their laser printers and digital copiers

Check out the full article below:

Business paper use remains high

CompTIA study finds shift to ‘paperless office’ isn’t happening as swiftly as once expected

By Patrick Thibodeau

Computerworld – Businesses aren’t rushing to create paperless offices; in fact, some are relying on paper documents more than ever, according to a new study by CompTIA.

The computer industry trade association’s survey of 400 IT and business executives on the use of printers found that most companies expect to maintain or increase paper usage over the next two years.

The survey found that 38% of the companies are printing more paper documents than two years ago, and another 8% said they are doing significantly more printing. Of the balance, 27% said there was no change, 23% said they were doing less printing, and 3% said they were doing significantly less printing.

Those surveyed were also asked to forecast their printing needs in the next two years, and for the most part, the percentages show little variance.

“I was surprised it wasn’t on the wane more,” said Tim Herbert, vice president of research at CompTia.

Herbert believes personal printing, such as printing out boarding tickets or directions, is on a downward trend, but commercial printing is maintaining its pace.

While some businesses have moved away from the use of paper, sectors like education, government and health care remain extremely paper-intensive, said Herbert.

Printer sales seems to back up the trend, according to IDC data cited by CompTia. In 2010, IDC reported that 125.2 million printers were shipped worldwide, up 12.1% from the prior year.

The study is aimed at companies in the managed print services market. With the results, CompTia advises that such companies must offer customers more than printer maintenance services. They must also move to provide services around document management, such as document retention and workflow.