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Relyco Announces New Comprehensive Line of Premium Inkjet Compatible Paper Media Products

Industry’s best performing products are specialty coated for inkjet printers to deliver superior image quality and lowest cost per print

Today at Graph Expo (booth #2249) in Chicago, Relyco is announcing a new comprehensive line of premium paper media products specifically engineered for today’s leading inkjet printers and production presses. Relyco’s inkjet compatible products are manufactured with the highest quality of materials and specialty coated to deliver the industry’s most superior image quality and lowest cost per print (often less than $0.01 per print).

“Production inkjet printing is really gaining momentum because of its superior image quality and affordability when compared to toner-based printing. However, mainstream adoption of inkjet technology is being held up by the lack of quality paper media products that can really showcase its superior image quality capabilities,” said Mike Steinberg, CEO of Relyco. “Here’s a great analogy. Would you put regular gas in your brand new sports car knowing that performance would suffer? That’s what many users of production inkjet printers are doing today when they run inferior media products today with poor results. Our products have been designed and tested to deliver an unrivaled image quality POP.”

Relyco DURASEAL Inkjet Envelopes

Relyco DURASEAL Envelopes Deliver the Best Image Quality…See the Difference

Relyco’s comprehensive and growing line of premium paper media products are compatible with many of today’s Memjet-engine and other production inkjet printers and presses, including those from Afinia, Astro Machine Corporation, Canon, Colordyne Technologies LLC, Delphax Technologies Inc., Formax, HP, IPT digital LLC, iSys, Konica Minolta, Lenovo China, LG Electronics, Lomond, Oce, OWN-X KFT, Printware, Rapid Label Systems, Ricoh, RISO, Super Web Digital, Trojanlabel, Xante Corporation, Xerox, VIPColor Technologies USA, Inc., and more.

Relyco Premium Inkjet Products

  • DURASEAL Envelopes – Relyco offers the only envelopes designed specifically for inkjet printers. Available as standard #10 and 6” x 9” booklet 24# envelopes (with or without windows), DURASEAL envelopes are constructed of the highest quality and specialty coating, providing a unique and proprietary color “POP” to deliver superior image quality.
  • ENDURA LABEL Digital Inkjet Labels – Available in many durable and utilitarian stocks of matte and gloss, poly, vinyl, PET films and paper materials. ENDURA LABEL offers exceptional image integrity that truly “POPs” out with vibrant colors when used on inkjet printers and presses. ENDURA LABEL comes in hundreds of shapes, sizes and rolls for applications of all types.
  • ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal Forms – Cost-effective way to create, process, and deliver transpromos and transactional mailers, ULTRASEAL self-mailer forms eliminate the time and costs associate with folding, stuffing, gluing and heating of mailings and envelopes.
  • REIMAGE Carbonless Paper – With REIMAGE carbonless paper, it is easy to create and cost-effectively print multi-part forms on demand for invoices, statements, receipts, inventory, shipping, or any other applications that require extra duplicate copies.
  • REVLAR Waterproof Synthetic Paper – With a special inkjet compatible coating, Relyco offers its REVLAR waterproof synthetic paper for inkjet applications. Get near photo quality results on a “virtually indestructible” paper. REVLAR is great for signs, menus, posters, maps, and any other application where the paper will be subjected to extreme conditions.
  • EZ-Card ID and Membership Cards – Available in a wide range of styles, sizes and inkjet compatible materials, EZ-Card from Relyco enables you to print ID and membership cards for many different applications.
  • Inkjet Cut-Sheet Stock – Specialty coated inkjet papers and card stocks are great for promotional mailers and post cards that need to stand out. Relyco’s products deliver the industry’s best image quality.
  • WinkJET Wide Format Rolls – Relyco offers wide format roll products in many different material types for most wide format inkjet printers, including aqueous, latex, solvent, UV curable, and digital press (DT) inkjet printers

Relyco’s premium inkjet products are great for thousands of applications for which superior image quality and lower cost per print matters. Try Relyco’s products for direct mail, transpromos, transactional mailers, retail labeling, signage, multi-part forms, ID and membership cards, promotional mailers, and so much more.

Relyco Product Samples and Availability
All of Relyco’s premium inkjet compatible paper media products are available today. Relyco also offers a comprehensive line of premium paper media for toner-based printers and presses. For pricing and more information, contact Relyco by phone: 1-800-777-7359, email:, or visit:

Konica Minolta Approves Relyco Premium Paper Media Products for Use on New bizhub PRESS C1100/1085 Color Digital Presses

Relyco REIMAGE carbonless paper, ULTRASEAL pressure seal forms, DURASEAL envelopes added to Konica Minolta’s Approved Media Guide Relyco - The Specialty Paper Experts

Relyco today announced that Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta) has tested and approved its premium paper media products for use on the new bizhub PRESS C1100 and bizhub PRESS C1085 Color Digital Presses. As a result, Relyco’s REIMAGE™ carbonless laser paper, ULTRASEAL® pressure seal forms and DURASEAL™ envelopes have been added to Konica Minolta’s Approved Media Guide.

Relyco will be showcasing these approved products as well as its REVLAR™ waterproof synthetic paper, DigiPOP™ personalized digital packaging, ENDURA LABEL labeling, ID and membership cards, and more at the upcoming Graph Expo show in booth # 2249 from September 28th to October 1st in Chicago.

Relyco approved paper media products on Konica Minolta bizzhub PRESS C1100

Konica Minolta Approves Relyco Premium Paper Media on bizzhub PRESS C1100/1085

“When choosing substrate solutions for their specific applications, our customers need the assurance that our vendors’ products will perform as expected on our bizhub PRESS digital presses,” said Kevin Kern, senior vice president, marketing, production print for Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. “We put the paper products through a battery of tests to ensure reliability and consistent image quality, so our customers know that we’re providing paper products that perform up to our high standards.”

Relyco Digital Substrate Solutions

  • REIMAGE carbonless laser paper – quickly create multi-part forms on demand in any laser printer or digital press
  • ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal Self Mailer Forms – self-sealing direct mail forms and secure checks eliminate the need for envelopes and increase open and response rates
  • DURASEAL Envelopes – a complete line of high quality, professional business and security envelopes in a wide range of styles and sizes. Custom envelopes also available to meet specific requirements.

“Having our products approved by Konica Minolta on their new bizhub PRESS C1100 and C1085 color production presses proves to their customers that our products work flawlessly,” said Bruce Steinberg, senior vice president of sales and business development for Relyco. “We offer a lot of unique digital paper media such as carbonless paper for multi-part forms, pressure seal forms for direct mail applications, and much more that our customers are demanding today. This certification provides the confidence that our products are of the highest quality and will perform to Konica Minolta’s customers’ expectations.”

Konica Minolta’s Formalized Substrate Testing Process and Media Guide
Several factors, including increasingly higher production speeds, have necessitated closer inspection of substrates to assess their suitability for Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS digital presses. Papers must be well manufactured, run consistently, and generally meet the demands of the press from pick-up and registration through to toner transfer, fusing and exiting the press for post-processing steps. Konica Minolta’s approval process includes testing on feed, fusing, jamming, registration, slipping, curling, and scratching. Approved substrates are added to the new Media Guide, created for commercial printers as a trusted resource for a wide variety of substrates.

Relyco Product Samples and Availability
To request samples of Relyco products, visit Relyco’s Konica Minolta samples request page and register for the samples you would like to try. All of Relyco’s premium paper media products approved by Konica Minolta are available today. For pricing and more information, contact Relyco by phone: 1-800-777-7359, email:, or visit:

Come See Exciting New Products from Relyco at Graph Expo

GRAPH EXPO 14 & CPP EXPO is one of the largest and most exciting trade shows dedicated to the print and graphics markets. The show is being held September 28- October 1, 2014 at McCormick Place South in Chicago, IL. By attending, youRelyco Graph Expo will see the latest products and technologies that are rapidly changing the print industry. Relyco, a leading provider of premium paper media products, will be exhibiting and showcases its products for both digital and inkjet printers and presses in booth #2249.

Why do you need to visit Relyco?

Relyco is offering FREE passes to attend GRAPH EXPO 14 & CPP EXPO. To register for the FREE Exhibits-Only pass, please use the following unique registration link: This offer is only valid using this unique link and you must register on or before September 12, 2014. Use code 30303. This pass will enable you to enter the Exhibit Hall, free of charge, all four days of the show!

Relyco is also offering attendees the opportunity to meet with the Relyco team in its booth (#2249) throughout the show to give you a personal look at all of Relyco’s specialty paper products. To set up a meeting with Relyco, click here: GRAPH EXPO 14 Meeting Request Form. When you set up a meeting and attend, you will be entered into a drawing for $100 VISA gift card.

Relyco is looking forward to seeing you at GRAPH EXPO 14 & CPP EXPO.

What is Pressure Seal and How Can It Reduce Operating Costs?

What is ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal?
ULTRASEAL is Relyco’s revolutionary pressure seal solution offering businesses and marketers a cost-effective and environmentally efficient way to create, process and deliver mailed pieces without an envelope.  Forms can also be custom printed in today’s office laser printers, complete with postage, allowing for control of costs, personalized designs and either bulk or one-off delivery of mailed pieces when necessary.

By eliminating the printed envelope from the process, pressure seal has become the more efficient and “green” alternative when doing office mailings.  Folding, stuffing, gluing and heating of mailings and envelopes are things of the past.  Pressure seal is the future.

What are the advantages of using pressure seal?
Once you print the pressure seal form or check in your color or black and white laser printer, they can be fed into a pressure seal machine.  These machines take care of all of the folding and sealing, utilizing pressure that activates the special paper coating.  The machine completely seals the edges of the piece to create the ready-for-mail document.

Is pressure seal less expensive than traditional office mailing?
Taking on any office process transformation can, at first, seem costly and time consuming.  However, pressure seal is the easiest and most affordable implementation you will ever make.  The savings in both time and money compared to manual processing is easily calculated.  The graphs below illustrate exactly what can be gained.

ULTRASEAL vs. Manual Processing















ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal takes the need for water, glue, heat and envelopes completely away – as forms and checks are manufactured with a special coating that is activated during the sealing process.  Once your forms and checks run through the pressure seal machine, they are sealed, secure and ready to be mailed.

How ULTRASEAL equipment works










The most common documents that can be sent efficiently and securely with ULTRASEAL include:

  • Paychecks
  •  Invoices
  •  Tax Forms
  • Utility Bills 
  •  Medical Bills
  •  Statements
  •  Test Results
  •  Collections
  •  PIN Notifications







For more information about ULTRASEAL or to request samples, visit us here.