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Relyco Launches PROCHEK+PLUS – Industry’s first “Super Check”

Relyco Partners with DSS to Develop Industry’s First “Super Check” Offering Maximum Fraud Prevention

Relyco PROCHEK+PLUS Blank Laser Check

Relyco's PROCHEK+PLUS Blank Laser Check Is the Industry's First "Super Check"

PROCHEK+PLUS™ line of blank laser check stock delivers 16 fraud-preventing security features including advanced Securatek™ Copy Prevention Technology

Relyco today announced its partnership with DSS (Document Security Systems, Inc.), a leader in customized document protection solutions, and the launch of PROCHEK+PLUS™, the industry’s first “Super Check.” PROCHECK+PLUS is the most secure blank laser check stock available featuring 16 fraud deterring security features, including Securatek™ Copy Prevention Technology, the newest development in check security.

As an active member of the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) ASC X9.B check processing subcommittee, Relyco is an innovative leader in check fraud prevention strategies and an expert source for organizations printing checks in-house.

“Even as more financial transactions move to electronic processes, paper-based checks are still a big part of how we conduct business and make payments. As a result, there continues to be check fraud that leads to significant financial losses,” said Mike Steinberg, president of Relyco. “We help companies prevent check fraud by delivering high quality and exceptionally secure check stock that is very difficult to tamper with. Our check security expertise as an ANSI member and partnership with DSS enables us to develop innovative products such as PROCHEK+PLUS to help keep our customers safe from fraud.”

Relyco’s most advanced and secure “super check,” PROCHECK+PLUS, is the first of many solutions Relyco and DSS are working on. Together, this new partnership will coordinate the joint creation of homeland defense solutions for governments around the world, protection solutions for large manufacturers, prescription and vital record security for healthcare organizations, transcript and diploma protection for academic institutions, as well as anti-counterfeiting solutions for financial institutions. As partners, Relyco and DSS have the combined expertise and experience to develop the best solutions for any security requirement.

“Before Relyco chose DSS for its PROCHEK+PLUS, the company tested many other security papers from different vendors,” said Jason Grady, vice president of sales and marketing at DSS. “Ultimately, Relyco decided to partner with us because we met their high standard for quality and security requirements, which enabled them to produce a superior laser check.”

PROCHEK+PLUS is part of Relyco’s full portfolio of secure, premium business laser checks. The new Securatek feature makes the reproduction of protected documents virtually impossible on a digital color copier. In addition to its many other security features including Enhanced Toner Adhesion, Covert Fluorescent Fibers, and Solvent-Reactive Color Spotting, PROCHEK+PLUS also offers DSS’s AuthentiGuard® Pantograph 4000™– making the “cut-and-paste” check altering method a thing of the past. Other unique features include:

  • Coin-reactive paper with an invisible layer that changes color when scratched with a coin
  • Thermochromatic heat-reactive ink causes the words “Original Document” to disappear when heat is applied
  • Copy-void safety feature in the Endorsement Backer helps prevent copying of signatures
  • Simulated Watermark is only visible at 45 degree angle and cannot be easily photocopied or scanned

Complete Turnkey Check Printing Solutions

Additionally, Relyco offers affordable, turnkey in-house check printing solutions with MICR laser check printers starting at the lowest entry point of $450. Other products include MICR laser toner, check printing and signing software, online paystub and W-2 software, secure envelopes, ULTRASEAL® pressure seal check stock, and post-processing and pressure seal equipment.

PROCHEK+PLUS is currently available. For pricing and more information, contact a Relyco check expert today by calling 1-800-777-7359 or emailing

Qualities of ANSI-Standard Secure Check Stock

Secure check stock is a paper designed with security features that prevent tampering and forgery to ensure a secure financial transaction. To comply with the ANSI standard, all checks must have at least three security features and at least one security feature must cover each of four areas:

  • One must be overt, such as an endorsement warning, warning band or non-negotiable stub backer
  • One must be covert, such as copy-void, fluorescent fibers or solvent reactive chemical stain
  • One must be anti-copy or designed to hinder duplication
  • One must be anti-alteration or designed to deter data modification

The security feature types can overlap; for example, microprinting is both a covert feature and an anti-copy feature, and diagonal anti-splice lines are both overt and anti-alteration.

Relyco Will Help You Select and Print ANSI Standard Compliant Checks

Relyco Will Help You Select and Print ANSI Standard Compliant Checks

Secure check stock is available in pre-printed or blank formats. Pre-printed secure check stock identifies a single business and financial institution. Blank check stock can be used when single or multiple bank accounts are required. Check-writing software drives a MICR printer to apply variable information and a secure, unique MICR line to each check. Because the variable information and MICR line are added on demand, account information is kept secure within the MICR printer or software. The use of blank check stock can also reduce waste. Many accounting systems offer check-printing functionality. If they do not—or if additional secure check-printing functionality is required—special check-writing software is a viable option.

Designed to integrate with a range of accounting packages, check writing software can print fully formatted checks—including the MICR line—on blank secure check stock. To ensure the security of check production, check-writing software can be protected with multiple security features, including a secure log-in, encryption, remote authorization and complete audit capabilities.

Check-writing software can also be used to configure a check that is 100-percent image friendly to ensure compatibility with optical scanning equipment. This is especially important for those organizations that need to comply with Canadian Payment Association Standards.

Learn more about how Relyco check solutions can help you ensure compliance and security, call Relyco today at 1-800-777-7359 or Email us.

Relyco Introduces Industry’s Most Affordable MICR Laser Check Printer

In today’s news release, Relyco announce the introduction of the industry’s most affordable MICR laser printer priced at $449. At speeds up to 37 pages per minute and an average cost per page of $0.03, the Relyco RS-ML-3712ND-MICR mono laser printer powered by Samsung enables companies to cost-effectively and efficiently print their own check in-house.

MICR Laser Printer, MICR Checks, MICR Line, In-house Check Printing

Relyco RS-ML-3712ND-MICR Laser Printer

“Through our exclusive partnership with Samsung, we are offering the most affordable workgroup MICR printer, which is up to 60 percent less than any other brand of MICR printers,” said Bruce Steinberg, senior vice president of sales at Relyco. “At this price point, companies can affordably add a complete in-house check printing solution that enables them to save significant time and money on their check printing processes for payroll, accounts payable, and other financial transactions.”

The Relyco RS-ML-3712ND-MICR mono laser printer provides cost-effective printing at speeds up to 37 PPM with an 80,000-page monthly duty cycle. It meets ANSI X9.27 standards for E-13B font, and produces bank-compliant check printing powered by renowned Samsung quality and reliability. Engineered to work with Relyco approved MICR toner, laser check printing software and secure check stock, the RS-ML-3712ND-MICR performs to exacting standards. A 600MHz processor and standard 128MB onboard memory minimizes bottlenecks at the printer. A locking tray option is available to meet security requirements.

Complete Guaranteed and Affordable Check Printing Solution

Relyco offers affordable, turnkey in-house check printing solutions with MICR check printers starting at the lowest entry point of $449. The best-in-class Relyco MICR check printing solution combines high-quality and affordable MICR printers with Relyco’s industry-leading check stock, MICR toner, locking printer tray options, check security envelopes, Formax post-processing equipment, e-payment and laser check printing software, and superior customer service.

To learn more about how Relyco’s MICR check printing solution and you can begin saving time and money printing your own checks, visit our Laser Check Printing Expertise Center, read our whitepaper on MICR check printing, call us at 1-800-777-7359, or Email us.

How to Print a Check in 7 Easy Steps

Print checks in just a few easy steps from ehow.

Relyco Laser Check Printing Solutions helps you save time and money

Relyco Laser Check Printing Solutions helps you save time and money

Whether you own a small or large business, you can save time and money by printing your own checks. Check printing used to be handled by large printing companies or banks, but you can print checks at your home or small business if you have access to a laser printer, blank check paper, and magnetic ink called MICR.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things you’ll need:

  1. Purchase a software program that will allow you to create and design your own checks. The check-printing software should include or be compatible with a financial-management program so you can import the information you need to print your completed checks.
  2. Go online to download magnetic ink characters, a technology generally used in the banking industry.
  3. Enter all necessary account information, such as the names and addresses of the account owners and the bank or financial institution, into your check-printing software.
  4. Enter your bank account and routing numbers. The routing number is located on the bottom left side of the check, and the account number is located on the bottom right. Choose a starting check number.
  5. After choosing your desired starting check number, find the fractional number on the upper right side of the check. Enter these numbers as printed on the checks.
  6. Carefully review all the information that you entered. Print a test page to make sure each section of the check is correct.
  7. Print the check. You can print blank checks or preprinted checks that have payee information.

Visit Relyco’s Laser Check Printing Solutions Expertise Center for more information.

To learn more about printing your checks in-house and all the supplies you’ll need to get started, contact Relyco today by calling 1-800-777-7359 or Email us.