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NEW Webinar: Learn How to Create Your Own Multipart Carbonless Forms

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Multipart Form Webinar: Quickly Create Your Own Multipart Forms on REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper: Easy and Cost Effective

Great for Estimates, Invoices, Statements, Receipts, Quotes, Applications, Inventory, Delivery, Reports, and Many More Types of Business Forms

WHEN: March 21st – 1:00PM EST

WHERE: ONLINE – Click here to registerfor this LIVE webinar

When attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is carbonless laser paper and why it is different than traditional carbonless papers
  • Time and money savings benefits of carbonless laser paper and on-demand form printing
  • Leveraging your laser/digital printer to print completely custom multipart forms on-demand
  • Application ideas for many different business types…we’ll show you real examples and customer benefits
  • How easy it is to get started…we’ll show you a multipart form creation demo

REIMAGE® Carbonless Laser Paper for Multipart Forms

With REIMAGE, creating and printing your own carbonless multipart forms is fast, easy,and affordable!

Relyco’s REIMAGE™ carbonless or NCR laser paper is a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, laser-compatible solution that enables you to create and print customizable carbonless business forms, invoices, statements, receipts, or extra copies quickly and easily—with savings of up to 50 percent on preprinted forms. With REIMAGE, you can make smooth transition from traditional, expensive carbonless forms to a customizable format that is affordable and efficient to produce.

To find out more about REIMAGE and how you can start creating your own multipart forms today, visit our REIMAGE web page, call 1-800-777-7359, or or email

Benefits of Carbonless Laser Paper

Unlike traditional carbonless paper, carbonless laser paper—such as Relyco’s REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper—is designed specifically for use in laser printers and digital copiers. Since the imaging capsules that coat one side of carbonless paper are not solvent based, they cause no damage to the components of the printer

Examples of Printed REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Forms

Examples of Printed REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Formspaper are not solvent based, they cause no damage to the components of the printer.

Plus, carbonless laser paper can be very cost effective. On average, more than 30 percent of preprinted traditional carbonless forms are discarded within six to 12 months due to obsolescence or a change in the form or business process. Carbonless laser paper solutions eliminate waste because they can be customized and forms can be printed when and when they’re needed. In fact, businesses can save as much as 50 percent when they use carbonless laser paper in their operations.

Other advantages of Carbonless Laser Paper include:

  • Speed — Allows user to create multipart forms instantly.
  • Accuracy — Eliminates transcription errors.
  • Security — Prevents alteration; any change to a copy is instantly evident.
  • Clarity — Provides a sharp copy image.
  • Clean — Prevents text image from smearing or rubbing off.
  • Versatile — Enables reverse printing or color coding to suit business needs.
  • Cost-effective — Allows user to print only what is needed and avoid costly changes.

To learn more about REIMAGE carbonless laser paper, visit the Relyco website, call us at 1-800-777-7359 or Email us.

Common Names for Carbonless Paper and Carbonless Laser Paper

“Carbonless paper” and “carbonless laser paper” are described with many different names, including brand names. Regardless of the name, however, it is important to keep the significant differences between carbonless laser paper and non-laser carbonless paper in mind—particularly the ability to protect printing components and the environment.

Here are a few of the most common names for carbonless paper and carbonless laser paper:

Examples of Printed REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Forms

Examples of Printed REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Forms

  • REIMAGE from Relyco
  • Laser NCR (no carbon required) Paper.  NCR Paper, Carbonless NCR
  • Carbon Paper
  • Image Transfer Paper
  • Xeroform II
  • Giroform
  • Imation
  • TransCopy
  • Ecarbonless (or E-carbonless)
  • Coated Paper, Carbon Coated Paper, Carbonless Coated Paper
  • CFB Paper
  • CF Paper
  • CB Paper
  • Mulitpart Paper
  • Imaging Paper
  • Self-contained Paper
  • Multi-part Forms

To learn more about carbonless laser paper, visit the Relyco Expertise Center and continue to visit our blog for more about laser paper technologies. And, for more information about Relyco’s REIMAGE carbonless laser paper, call 1-800-777-7359 or Email us.

More Frequently Asked Questions about Carbonless Laser Paper

In continuation of yesterday’s frequently asked questions about carbonless laser paper, here is part 2 of the most common questions we are asked.

Q. Does laser carbonless paper come pre-collated and un-collated?

Examples of Printed REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Forms

Examples of Printed REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Forms

A. REIMAGE™ Carbonless Laser Paper is available pre-collated for single tray use, or uncollated for use in multiple-tray (or even multiple-printer) applications.

Pre-collated carbonless laser paper is available in straight and reverse sequences to ensure printer compatibility, regardless of the way in which a printer handles the paper.

Q. Is testing carbonless laser paper recommended?

A. Because each application is unique, physical testing of REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper using the actual laser printer and laser printer trays on which the forms will be printed is the most effective way to determine which REIMAGE option is right for you. See our Four Steps to Creating Carbonless Laser Forms for detailed instructions.

Q. How do I know if my printer loads face up or face down? How do I know if my printer outputs face up or face down?

A. Printer Input: To learn if your printer loads face up or face down, remove all paper from the paper tray. Mark an “X” on one side of a single sheet of blank paper, and put it into the empty tray with the “X” facing up. Print a single page test document and when it comes out, see where the printing is. If the printing is on the side with the “X,” then your printer loads “Face Up.” If it is on the opposite side, then your printer loads “Face Down.”

Printer Output: To know if your printer outputs “Face Up” or “Face Down,” print a single page test document. When the printed sheet comes out, if you are looking at the printed side of the page, then your printer outputs “Face Up.” If you can only see the blank side of the sheet, then your printer outputs “Face Down.”

Q. Why do you carry straight and reverse carbonless laser paper?

A. Because different laser printer models load and feed differently, Relyco carries both a straight and reverse item for three-part and four-part REIMAGE.  Our two-part item number can be set to print either straight or reverse.

REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper is an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, laser-compatible carbonless paper solution ideal for converting continuous carbonless forms to a laser format. Unlike traditional carbonless paper, which is manufactured with solvent-based chemicals that can damage critical printer components, REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper is manufactured specifically for use in laser printers and digital copiers.

To learn more about carbonless laser paper, visit the Relyco website, check out our Expertise Center, call 1-800-777-7359, or Email us.