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Relyco Provides Immediate Product Availability to Xerox Supplies Customers

Relyco today announced its support for Xerox digital press users affected by the news that Xerox is selling off its media supplies business to a paper/pulp manufacturer. Relyco guarantees that Xerox customers will experience no product disruptions by offering immediate availability of quality Xerox-approved substrate stock including custom and stock forms, waterproof synthetic paper, pressure seal forms, carbonless laser paper, ID and membership cards, custom digital packaging products, and more. 

“The news of Xerox selling its Supplies division is already creating a panic with users of its regular paper customers as well as Xerox digital press customers. They are now proactively seeking us out to help supply them with exact or similar quality substrate products that they know will run on their presses,” said Mike Steinberg, president and CEO of Relyco. “We wanted to inform Xerox Paper Supplies customers that we can be their source for the products they need to run their businesses without having to experience a disruption in service.”

Quality Relyco Products and Unmatched Service
As a leading provider of quality business printing solutions for laser and digital applications, Relyco’s substrate products range from waterpoof paper and carbonless laser paper, to self-sealing pressure seal forms, custom digital personalized packaging, ID and Membership cards, and much more. Relyco products combine the best of today’s marketplace, offered at reasonable prices. Wherever an organization’s needs are, Relyco’s well-trained experts can walk customers through a project from start to finish. Understanding and meeting clients’ needs are always Relyco’s first priority. This commitment to customer service sets Relyco apart from the competition.

Relyco Digital Substrate Solutions

Relyco Product Samples and Immediate Availability
To request samples of Relyco products, visit Relyco’s samples request page and register for the samples you would like to try. All of Relyco’s substrates are available to ship today and are approved for use on Xerox digital presses. For pricing and more information, contact Relyco by phone: 1-800-777-7359, email:, or visit:

Relyco Announces Strategic Vendor Relationship with Sir Speedy

Relyco Establishes Strategic Vendor Relationship with Sir Speedy, PIP Printing and Marketing Services, and Signal Graphics

Providing Franchise Services, Inc. brands with exciting new digital paper and packaging substrates to drive new applications and grow business

Relyco today announced that the company has established a vendor relationship with Franchise Services, Inc. (FSI) and its franchise brands including Sir Speedy, PIP Printing and Marketing Services, Signal Graphics, and MultiCopy. As aRelyco Announces Strategic Partnership with Sir Speedy strategic vendor, Relyco is now offering all FSI franchises its unique digital substrate solutions, which include DigiPOP personalized digital packaging, REVLAR waterproof paper, REIMAGE carbonless laser paper, ULTRASEAL pressure seal mailers, ID and membership cards, DigiFLIP interactive puzzle cards, and more, to enable new applications ideas and revenue growth opportunities.

Relyco will demonstrate its full line of digital solutions and application ideas at this week’s Sir Speedy, PIP Printing, Signal Graphics International Vendor Show at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Md., from August 16th – 17th.

“Relyco products are geared for digital on-demand printing and that makes them ideal for these FSI franchises,” said Mike Steinberg, president and CEO of Relyco. “We’re offering the unique substrate solutions that will create many new applications to help franchises increase their sales. With waterproof paper for signs, menus, and more, digital short-run packaging that can be personalized on-demand, and other Relyco products, franchise owners can offer customers a new portfolio of lucrative products and services.”

For more than 23 years, Relyco has been a premier supplier of innovative business printing and ePayment solutions—including laser and digital applications, high-security documents, and e-payment software—to meet the requirements of global customers with personalized service that exceeds customer expectations. A sampling of the more than 10,000 products Relyco offers includes:

“We are really excited to have Relyco onboard as a strategic vendor and exhibiting at this year’s Vendor Show,” said John McNew, vendor relations manager at FSI. “When our franchises see what Relyco products can help them do, they are instantly intrigued by what they can offer their customers. Many of our franchises are already having great success with Relyco as a partner.”

To learn more about Relyco’s digital substrate solutions, call 1-800-777-7359, email, or visit

NEW Webinar: Learn How to Create Your Own Multipart Carbonless Forms

Join Our Webinar

Multipart Form Webinar: Quickly Create Your Own Multipart Forms on REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper: Easy and Cost Effective

Great for Estimates, Invoices, Statements, Receipts, Quotes, Applications, Inventory, Delivery, Reports, and Many More Types of Business Forms

WHEN: March 21st – 1:00PM EST

WHERE: ONLINE – Click here to registerfor this LIVE webinar

When attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is carbonless laser paper and why it is different than traditional carbonless papers
  • Time and money savings benefits of carbonless laser paper and on-demand form printing
  • Leveraging your laser/digital printer to print completely custom multipart forms on-demand
  • Application ideas for many different business types…we’ll show you real examples and customer benefits
  • How easy it is to get started…we’ll show you a multipart form creation demo

REIMAGE® Carbonless Laser Paper for Multipart Forms

With REIMAGE, creating and printing your own carbonless multipart forms is fast, easy,and affordable!

Relyco’s REIMAGE™ carbonless or NCR laser paper is a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, laser-compatible solution that enables you to create and print customizable carbonless business forms, invoices, statements, receipts, or extra copies quickly and easily—with savings of up to 50 percent on preprinted forms. With REIMAGE, you can make smooth transition from traditional, expensive carbonless forms to a customizable format that is affordable and efficient to produce.

To find out more about REIMAGE and how you can start creating your own multipart forms today, visit our REIMAGE web page, call 1-800-777-7359, or or email

Relyco Business Printing Solutions Webinar Series

Relyco’s Business Printing Solutions Webinar Series is designed to provide you with valuable information for making the right decisions on products and services that can help you save time and money. Please check out our current schedule below or online. To attend one of our LIVE web events, register today by clicking on the webinar links. Recording will be made available here after each live event.

November 3, 2011 at 1PM ET

Learn How Personalized Digital Packaging Can Add POP to Your Business

Custom Personalized Packaging Webinar

Join Our Personalized Digital Packaging Solutions Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn how to quickly and cost-effectively create personalized 3-D digital packaging and promotional items that will instantly add POP to your business — using your existing laser printer or digital press.

  • Quickly and cost-effectively produce personalized
  • 3-D promotional and packaging products
  • Leverage variable data printing capabilities on your existing laser printer or digital press
  • Easily design your own 3-D items using provided templates and unique die cut flat sheet substrates
  • Get creative and make your business POP

Click Here to Register

November 16, 2011 at 1PM ET

Learn How to Reduce Your Mailing Costs and Increase Your Open Rates with Pressure Seal Self Mailers

In this webinar, you will learn how to reduce your costs and increase your open rates with pressure seal self-mailing solutions — using your existing laser printer or digital copier.

Register to Learn How to:

  • Create mailers on your laser printer that get opened – 20% increase in your open rate
  • Realize an immediate material cost savings by eliminating unbalanced inventories and envelopes
  • Reduce processing time and labor costs by eliminating hand-folding and envelope stuffing – up to a 50% cost savings
  • Achieve greater accuracy and fewer errors with improved efficiencies and streamlined processing
  • Enhance security for sensitive documents – checks, financial info, medical results, bills, and much more
  • Get started right away

Click here to Register

November 30, 2011 at 1PM ET

Stop Laminating Paper: Durable Waterproof Laser Paper for Thousands of Applications

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December 14, 2011 at 1PM ET

Carbonless Laser Forms: The Affordable and Green Choice for Creating Multi-Part Forms

Register Early Now

For more information about Relyco, visit our website, call us at 1-800-777-7359, or Email us.