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What is Pressure Seal and How Can It Reduce Operating Costs?

What is ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal?
ULTRASEAL is Relyco’s revolutionary pressure seal solution offering businesses and marketers a cost-effective and environmentally efficient way to create, process and deliver mailed pieces without an envelope.  Forms can also be custom printed in today’s office laser printers, complete with postage, allowing for control of costs, personalized designs and either bulk or one-off delivery of mailed pieces when necessary.

By eliminating the printed envelope from the process, pressure seal has become the more efficient and “green” alternative when doing office mailings.  Folding, stuffing, gluing and heating of mailings and envelopes are things of the past.  Pressure seal is the future.

What are the advantages of using pressure seal?
Once you print the pressure seal form or check in your color or black and white laser printer, they can be fed into a pressure seal machine.  These machines take care of all of the folding and sealing, utilizing pressure that activates the special paper coating.  The machine completely seals the edges of the piece to create the ready-for-mail document.

Is pressure seal less expensive than traditional office mailing?
Taking on any office process transformation can, at first, seem costly and time consuming.  However, pressure seal is the easiest and most affordable implementation you will ever make.  The savings in both time and money compared to manual processing is easily calculated.  The graphs below illustrate exactly what can be gained.

ULTRASEAL vs. Manual Processing















ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal takes the need for water, glue, heat and envelopes completely away – as forms and checks are manufactured with a special coating that is activated during the sealing process.  Once your forms and checks run through the pressure seal machine, they are sealed, secure and ready to be mailed.

How ULTRASEAL equipment works










The most common documents that can be sent efficiently and securely with ULTRASEAL include:

  • Paychecks
  •  Invoices
  •  Tax Forms
  • Utility Bills 
  •  Medical Bills
  •  Statements
  •  Test Results
  •  Collections
  •  PIN Notifications







For more information about ULTRASEAL or to request samples, visit us here.

What is Variable-Data Printing?

Variable-data printing (VDP) (also known as variable-information printing (VIP) or VI) is a form of digital printing, including on-demand printing, in which elements such as text, graphics and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next, without stopping or slowing down the printing process and using information from a database or external file. For example, a set of personalized letters, each with the same basic layout, can be printed with a different name and address on each letter. Variable data printing is mainly used for direct marketing, customer relationship management, advertising, invoicing and applying addressing on pressure seal self mailers, brochures, postcard campaigns, custom personalized digital packaging and more.

DigiPOP custom personalized golf ball sleeves

Personalize Golf Ball Sleeves and More with Relyco DigiPOP

VDP is a direct outgrowth of digital printing, which harnesses computer databases and digital print devices and highly effective software to create high-quality, full color documents, with a look and feel comparable to conventional offset printing. Variable data printing enables the mass customization of documents via digital print technology, as opposed to the ‘mass-production’ of a single document using offset lithography. Instead of producing 10,000 copies of a single document, delivering a single message to 10,000 customers, variable data printing could print 10,000 unique documents with customized messages for each customer.

The returns for variable printing vary from double the normal return at the basic level to 10-15 times the return for fully variable jobs. This naturally depends on content and the relevancy of that content, but the technique presents an effective tool for increasing ROI on marketing campaigns.

There are several levels of variable printing. The most basic level involves changing the salutation or name on each copy much like mail merge. More complicated variable data printing uses ‘versioning’, where there may be differing amounts of customization for different markets, with text and images changing for groups of addresses based upon which segment of the market is being addressed. Finally there is full variability printing, where the text and images can be altered for each individual address. All variable data printing begins with a basic design that defines static elements and variable fields for the pieces to be printed. While the static elements appear exactly the same on each piece, the variable fields are filled in with text or images as dictated by a set of application and style rules and the information contained in the database.

There are three main operational methodologies for variable data printing.

In one methodology, a static document is loaded into printer memory. The printer is instructed, through the print driver or Raster Image Processor (RIP) to always print the static document when sending any page out to the printer driver or RIP. Variable data can then be printed on top of the static document. This methodology is the simplest way to execute VDP, however it’s capability is less than that of a typical mail merge.

A second methodology is to combine the static and variable elements into print files, prior to printing, using standard software. This produces a conventional (and potentially huge) print file with every image being merged into every page. A shortcoming of this methodology is that running many very large print files can overwhelm the RIP’s processing capability. When this happens, printing speeds might become slow enough to be impractical for a print job of more than a few hundred pages.

A third methodology is to combine the static and variable elements into print files, prior to printing, using specialized VDP software. This produces optimized print files, such as PostScript or PPML, that maximize print speed since the RIP need only process static elements once.

For more information on variable-data printing and unique paper substrates (ULTRASEAL pressure seal forms, DigiPOP custom digital packaging, and more) that are ideal for your promotions, visit our website, call us at 800-777-7359, or Email us.

Relyco ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal Forms Help Customer Improve Survey Response Rates

In a news release issued today, Relyco announced that MarketRx, a part of Cognizant and a leading provider of analytics and related software, chose Relyco as its vendor of choice for pressure seal forms. The quality of Relyco’s ULTRASEAL pressure seal forms helped MarketRx/Cognizant significantly improve the response rate of its market research surveys.


Relyco ULTRASEAL One-Piece Self-Mailer Forms

As part of the comprehensive market research services it provides to pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients, MarketRx/Cognizant conducts periodic physician surveys. The survey process begins with a written invitation sent to physicians at their offices or home addresses. When survey response rates began to decline, the team at MarketRx/Cognizant grew concerned that the quality of the invitations sent to physicians was preventing them from considering participating in the surveys.

The team researched a number of alternative vendors, and discovered Relyco.  “The pressure seal forms Relyco provided for our invitations were high quality forms, and surprisingly, were even more cost effective,” said Keiron Guischard, senior analyst at MarketRx/Cognizant. “When we distributed invitations using the Relyco forms, our response rate returned to expected levels and we were able to realize a greater return on investment.”

Today, MarketRx/Cognizant also uses Relyco stock laser checks as part of the same initiative. In this case, the company turned to Relyco when the checks provided by their existing vendor became cost prohibitive. “Relyco worked with us to design checks and printed them to our exact specifications,” stated Guischard. “The new design and check quality were superior to our previous solution and the pricing from Relyco was excellent.”

To view the entire customer story, click here.

Talk to Relyco today about how you can get started with an affordable pressure seal system that can streamline your operations. Learn more in our Pressure Seal Expertise Center, call us 1-800-777-7359 or Email us.

Benefits of Using a Pressure Seal System

Pressure seal technology offers a number of valuable benefits:

  • Simplified mail preparation. With pressure seal technology, there is no need for separate folding, stuffing, sealing and posting equipment or processes.
  • Eliminating buying, storing and custom-printing of envelopes. Pressure seal forms serve as their own envelopes. Choose a vendor and a solution that offers the types of forms, such as 11” or 14” length, and folds—including V-folds, Z-folds or C-Folds—that will meet specific requirements.
  • Faster mail processing. Since documents go directly from a laser printer to the pressure seal machine, there is no need to handle the document.
  • Improved postal processing. With pressure seal technology, addresses can be printed directly onto the form, eliminating the need for window envelopes, which can blur the address and cause delivery problems. Plus, with the appropriate mailing software, intelligent barcodes can be included to save postage costs.
  • Protect confidentiality and security. Pressure seal’s co-hesive edges and high-pressure sealing provide a more effective seal than traditional envelopes. And, because each mailer is self contained, there is no chance of inserting two confidential documents into the same envelope or mismatching a document with an envelope with a different recipient address.

ULTRASEAL® self mailers from Relyco can reduce overall mail processing costs by nearly 50 percent by eliminating labor-intensive activities like folding, stuffing and sealing. Plus, ULTRASEAL pressure seal solutions meet all postal regulations, allowing customers to incorporate automation features, which can further reduce the cost of document processing and mailing. Most importantly, ULTRASEAL self mailers from Relyco offer up to 13 different security features to ensure that highly sensitive information is secure; additional custom security features are also available.

Pressure seal equipment from manufacturers like Formax can process cost-effectively and efficiently process hundreds of thousands of pressure seal forms for mailing every month. These machines often pay for themselves in just a few uses because you eliminate manual processes and reduce material inventories – no need for envelopes.

How a Pressure Seal System Works

How a Pressure Seal System Works

Talk to Relyco today about how you can get started with an affordable pressure seal system that can streamline your operations. Learn more in our Pressure Seal Expertise Center, call us 1-800-777-7359 or Email us.