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Benefits of Using a Pressure Seal System

Pressure seal technology offers a number of valuable benefits:

  • Simplified mail preparation. With pressure seal technology, there is no need for separate folding, stuffing, sealing and posting equipment or processes.
  • Eliminating buying, storing and custom-printing of envelopes. Pressure seal forms serve as their own envelopes. Choose a vendor and a solution that offers the types of forms, such as 11” or 14” length, and folds—including V-folds, Z-folds or C-Folds—that will meet specific requirements.
  • Faster mail processing. Since documents go directly from a laser printer to the pressure seal machine, there is no need to handle the document.
  • Improved postal processing. With pressure seal technology, addresses can be printed directly onto the form, eliminating the need for window envelopes, which can blur the address and cause delivery problems. Plus, with the appropriate mailing software, intelligent barcodes can be included to save postage costs.
  • Protect confidentiality and security. Pressure seal’s co-hesive edges and high-pressure sealing provide a more effective seal than traditional envelopes. And, because each mailer is self contained, there is no chance of inserting two confidential documents into the same envelope or mismatching a document with an envelope with a different recipient address.

ULTRASEAL® self mailers from Relyco can reduce overall mail processing costs by nearly 50 percent by eliminating labor-intensive activities like folding, stuffing and sealing. Plus, ULTRASEAL pressure seal solutions meet all postal regulations, allowing customers to incorporate automation features, which can further reduce the cost of document processing and mailing. Most importantly, ULTRASEAL self mailers from Relyco offer up to 13 different security features to ensure that highly sensitive information is secure; additional custom security features are also available.

Pressure seal equipment from manufacturers like Formax can process cost-effectively and efficiently process hundreds of thousands of pressure seal forms for mailing every month. These machines often pay for themselves in just a few uses because you eliminate manual processes and reduce material inventories – no need for envelopes.

How a Pressure Seal System Works

How a Pressure Seal System Works

Talk to Relyco today about how you can get started with an affordable pressure seal system that can streamline your operations. Learn more in our Pressure Seal Expertise Center, call us 1-800-777-7359 or Email us.

Capital City Partners Streamlines Business Processes with One-Piece Self-Mailers from Relyco

A diversified financial services firm based in Columbus, Ohio, Capital City Partners, Inc., provides a wide range of wealth management, investment banking and insurance services nationwide.  Through its group of registered representatives, investment advisors and insurance agents, Capital City Partners, Inc. serves many different client types including: corporations, financial institutions, non-profit entities, small businesses and high net-worth individuals.


Relyco ULTRASEAL One-Piece Self-Mailer Check Solutions

Andy Heath at Capital City Partners had good and bad news for his CEO.  The good news was that the high returns of the Energy Investment Funds his company offers were attracting hundreds of new investors.  The bad news was that printing and distributing the growing number of checks each month was becoming more and more cumbersome.  He needed an affordable solution—fast.

Heath turned to Relyco for help.

Relyco proposed that Capital City Partners import investor information for each month’s checks—which is stored in Excel—into CHEKSERV check printing software, print checks onto ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal Checks using a secure, high-speed Troy MICR printer, and then seal the checks using a Formax Pressure Seal machine.

“We just click a button, select a file, and the checks print,” says Heath.  “Then we load the checks into the pressure sealer, and within a minute all the checks are ready to go.  It’s so fast and easy that we can now concentrate once again on doing what we do best. ”

Heath believes the investment into the system has paid off in many ways. “In our business people are entrusting their money with us.  So it’s critical that we have a dependable system that allows us to deliver their dividend checks quickly.  Our customers trust us, and we trust Relyco.”

Read the complete Capital City Partners success story.

For more information on Relyco can help you, call us at 1-800-777-7359 or Email us.

The Cost Advantages of Pressure Seal Technology

Justifying the cost of any new technology can be a challenge. When developing a justification for an investment in pressure seal technology, it is important to consider that pressure seal technology maximizes volume while minimizing processing time, as well as the cost of traditional envelopes, postage, labor and maintenance of old or outdated equipment and the value of preserving confidentiality and security.

Consider the cost of operating an expensive, but slow, traditional inserting line or the cost of running high volumes of one-page mailers on expensive inserters. In fact, most one-page mailing formats are ideal for conversion to a pressure seal form. Pressure seal technology offers a much higher hourly output of mailable documents with a lower initial equipment cost, when compared to the cost of inserting equipment.

Justifying the initial investment in pressure seal technology is usually the most difficult obstacle to overcome when making the decision to convert to pressure seal forms or checks. If documents are currently hand-processed or are processed automatically with a folder-inserter, pressure seal technology clearly offers a more efficient processing method. In fact, pressure seal technology handles up to ten times more pieces per hour than traditional folder-inserters and as much as 60 times more pieces per hour than can be processed by hand.

ULTRASEAL pressure seal self mailers from Relyco deliver measurable cost savings. Consider the estimates below or use Relyco’s Cost Savings Analysis Tool to view a more customized analysis.

Relyco ULTRASEAL pressure seal self mailer forms cost advantage

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Storage and Handling Tips for Pressure Seal Forms

In keeping with this week’s focus on pressure seal forms, we have some tips for ensuring optimum form performance. Relyco ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal Forms should be stored and handled according to these guidelines.


  • Cartons of pressure seal forms should be stored off the floor on pallets or shelves; ensure cartons are stacked upright and never stack more than five cartons on top of each other. The downward pressure can damage the pressure seal forms in the bottom cartons
  • If cartons are stored on pallets, ensure that they are stacked so that the weight is distributed evenly. If cartons are stored on shelves, ensure that they are not pressed against one another or against an exterior wall
  • Relyco pressure seal forms should be stored where environmental conditions can be controlled.  Extremely cold and/or hot temperatures can adversely affect shelf life and performance. Storage temperature should be between 65°F and 77°F and the relative humidity should be between 30 and 60 percent. A rapid increase or decrease in humidity or temperature can cause problems. Pressure seal forms act like a sponge and absorb or shed moisture in the air. This can affect their performance in laser printers, causing curling that can lead to paper jams. Excessive curl can also affect the smooth operation of your pressure seal machine


  • Because of the shorter shelf life of pressure seal forms, cartons should be rotated so that the oldest pressure seal forms are always used first
  • Allow cartons to acclimate for approximately two days in advance of printing by placing them in the room with the printer
  • If you do not use all the pressure seal forms you planned to use, store them in a poly bag so they can be better protected from atmospheric changes. Contact Relyco for information about Enviro-Guard Pressure Seal Storage Bags to protect your forms
  • “Fanning” pressure seal forms on all sides and “jogging” them prior to placing them in the feed tray in your laser printer is usually recommended by laser printer manufacturers
  • While not mandatory, it is recommended that you acclimate pressure seal forms for one hour or so, placed curl side down, before you process through the pressure seal machine. This results in optimal feeding and an extra strong glue bond

To learn more, continue to visit our blog for more about pressure seal one-piece mailers from Relyco, call us at 1-800-777-7359, or Email us.