Relyco StaffFor 30 years, Relyco has been a pioneer in the specialty paper and payment solutions industries. When you work with Relyco, you can expect the very best in customer service. Mike Steinberg, our CEO and Founder, has a no-nonsense philosophy, which is a standard of our company: “Good news, bad news or no news, communicate with your customer.”

What it’s like to work with us

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We value personal relationships and open communication. Our product experts will work with you to understand your challenges, your timeline, the product you’re looking for and how you plan to use it. We’ll take that information and work with you to develop a solution, whether it’s one of our stock products or a custom job. When you trust us with your business, we’ll work hard to exceed your expectations, while keeping you updated on the progress of your order every step of the way.

Our origins

Relyco was founded in 1989. We began as a B2B check provider before expanding into specialty business paper. As the company grew, so did the product offerings. We were one of the first in the industry to explore synthetic waterproof, tear-proof paper. As technology has changed, so have we. We stay a step ahead in order to anticipate our customer’s needs and expectations.

Who we are now

Today, we have a growing family of 30,000 customers. There are two main components of our business: Specialty Paper & Payment Solutions. The payment solutions branch includes an entire suite of both traditional checks and modern electronic AP solutions. As you can see, we’ve come a long way from our humble roots as a paper check supplier!

What we care about

Truly, we just want to help you! We have proven solutions that can make your life easier. Beyond that, we care about living up to our name; “Relyco” is short for “the company you can rely on.” We strive to make sure that we are doing that each day. We carry that mission forward in all aspects of our business, from how we work with our customers, to making sure that we regularly give back to our community.

A green & clean conscience

Wherever possible, Relyco paper substrates are certified environmentally friendly. Most have earned the prestigious Sustainable Forest Initiative Chain-of-Custody certification, ensuring that each sheet of Relyco paper you receive is reasonably produced. We also work with manufacturers to use the most energy efficient processes, with decreased VOCs and reduced solvent usage in wash-ups.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

We stand behind our products and guarantee their quality. With every customer conversation, we deliver a promise that the product will work as specified. We will resolve any issue if a product doesn’t meet your expectations. You can count on us.

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Client Stories

We knew Relyco would provide a high-quality product delivered at a competitive price and meet our tight timeline. We’ve never considered looking elsewhere, but I’m sure we would be hard pressed to find another vendor who could do the same.

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