MICR Toner & MICR Printer

Laser Check Printing: MICR Toner vs. Standard Toner

When printing checks, it's always best to use MICR toner in a MICR printer. We don't recommend ever using standard toner or a standard printer. Why? Because meeting ANSI standards is important. It shows that you have done your due diligence to prevent fraud, which could protect you from liability later.
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Opening a pressure seal form

What Is a Pressure Seal Form and How Does It Work?

With pressure seal, you can create, process and deliver mailed pieces without an envelope. In fact, by eliminating the printed envelope (and the related folding, stuffing and gluing) from the process, pressure seal is a more cost-effective, green alternative for office mailings.
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Improving Restaurant Kitchen Efficiency with Waterproof Paper

Improving Restaurant Kitchen Efficiency with Waterproof Paper

In any busy restaurant kitchen, maximizing speed of service and plate presentation quality is the most important goal. There needs to be consistency throughout the meal prep process. From preparing salads and desserts, to crafting each entree to the chef’s specifications, all of the details matter. Every operation runs more effectively when a process is standardized and employees are correctly trained for consistency.
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optimize ap process 2017 - 600

The 5 Best Ways to Optimize Your AP Process in 2017

It’s that time of year again – time to make New Year’s resolutions and improvements! Conceptually, New Year’s resolutions seem great, but they can be so hard to pull off and stick to. But if you stick to a plan and keep your goals simple and tangible, you will have the right formula for success.
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