TPS Marketing Group Partners with Relyco to Create Personalized 3D Marketing Campaigns

In today’s press release, Relyco announces a partnership with TPS Marketing Group, LLC (TPSMG) in which TPSMG is using Relyco’s DigiPOP custom digital packaging solutions to create unique 3D personalized marketing campaigns. Here is a great story detailing how TPSMG is using DigiPOP.

Marketing Solutions Provider Offers Customers the “Wow” Factor by Leveraging DigiPOP Solutions from Relyco


TPS Marketing Uses Relyco DigiPOP Custom Packaging Solutions

TPS Marketing Uses Relyco DigiPOP Custom Packaging Solutions to Get Results



Located in Wichita, Kan., TPSMG is a comprehensive, one-stop solutions provider dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes improve the control and management of their communications, campaigns, and associated collateral and promotional materials. TPSMG provides a full range of printing and print-related services and web-based marketing solutions designed to increase response rates and reduce costs.

A small company, TPSMG is committed to providing clients with individualized, targeted campaigns, which require a small initial investment yet can yield a significant return. In the past, the solutions provider has realized success for clients using its VDP (Variable Data Printed) Box solution, personalized packaging clients use to deliver customized marketing materials with product samples.

While developing a new campaign to reach prospective TPSMG customers, Vice President of Sales and Marketing John Pankanin began researching alternatives to the VDP “Box,” particularly 3D packaging that could be formed into other more unique shapes and sizes. He tested a number of solutions and ultimately chose DigiPOP from Relyco. “With DigiPOP, Relyco can provide dozens of 3D packaging solutions that we can customize using our variable data printing capabilities,” Pankanin comments. “Interestingly, some vendors offered similar items, but the differentiator was that the Relyco solution was superior in quality and was available at a much more affordable price. These are important criteria for a business like ours, as well as for our clients: we want to deliver something that will attract a prospect’s attention without breaking the bank.”

For his campaign, Pankanin used the DigiPOP Flash Drive Mailers to create approximately 40 completely unique and personalized packages, each one containing an engraved USB drive/money clip, which included a presentation customized for the prospect. To date, TPSMG has won one new customer—more than paying for its initial investment—and the company’s sales team is working with a dozen engaged prospects. “Virtually every business wants to grow, and I believe our campaign proves that if you use the right tools to demonstrate your capabilities—in this case DigiPOP and variable data programming—and can execute quickly, you will be successful,” he says.

With DigiPOP, Pankanin notes that the campaigns TPSMG creates have a real “wow” factor. “In the past, we knew that excellent data accounted for 45 percent of a campaign’s success, a meaningful offer or call to action accounted for an additional

45 percent, and appearance accounted for 10 percent,” he says. “Today, TPSMG has proven that we have the data and the offer. With Relyco solutions, we can create a ‘package’ with such a unique and creative appearance and superior quality that it increases the likelihood of success exponentially to an additional 30, 40, or even 50 percent. There was a time we would have found that unbelievable; now we know it is highly achievable.”

While Pankanin has recognized the great value in Relyco products, he says that he has found a partner in the company as well. “From the start, Relyco treated me as if my business was valued, even though I may not be their largest customer. We share a commitment to excellent customer service and a real focus on customer satisfaction and success,” he says. “Whenever I can, I have recommended Relyco products to my customers, providing added value, and TPSMG and Relyco have become partners. TPSMG is an extension of our customers’ businesses and we view Relyco as an extension of our own.”

For more information on Relyco’s DigiPOP custom digital packaging solutions, contact Relyco today 1-800-777-7359 or


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