Humidity Thwarted By Waterproof Hotel Menus

Anglers Hotel Menus

The Angler’s Boutique Resort is a 45 room luxury hotel located in South Beach in Miami, Florida. Given south Florida’s humidity and the spills that are common in any restaurant, The Angler’s General Manager, Karen Brown, found that she needed to frequently replace the mini menus and special event menus used in the hotel’s full-service restaurant.

Waterproof menus to the rescue

In an effort to solve the problem, Brown researched waterproof paper, which led her to our website and REVLAR waterproof menus. She requested samples in a variety of thicknesses so she could try them out and test them on her printer.

After using REVLAR for the hotel menus for the first time, Brown was hooked. She started using it all over the hotel:

“We use it for signage in our elevators, at the front desk, by the pool and in our public rest rooms. There’s no need for a frame, and the presentation is clear and neat. Most importantly, it is long lasting. For example, our mini menus are handled frequently and were easily destroyed. Since we’ve started using REVLAR, we replace our menus only when items change. Our hotel menus are still handled frequently—maybe more so because REVLAR is so unusual that people want to touch it—but now our menus can stand up to any abuse.”

Hotel menus pay for themselves

Brown noted that while the initial investment in waterproof paper may be slightly higher than for traditional paper, the product pays for itself. “REVLAR is so easy to use, and we can print the quantities we need using our own printer,” Brown said. “There is no need for expensive lamination and REVLAR’s longevity makes it very cost effective.”

Service makes the difference

Brown didn’t consider other vendors before she chose to work with us. She explained that she wouldn’t think of changing vendors now, “Hospitality is a service-driven industry and The Angler’s is an establishment committed to providing superior service, so I understand and appreciate the value of good service. Relyco is an easy company to do business with. Everyone I’ve worked with has been responsive and focused on meeting my needs. I haven’t placed particularly large orders, yet I’m treated as if my order is the most important and that means something to me.”

See the complete Angler’s Boutique Resort customer story here. To learn more about waterproof menus, check out our free guide here or by clicking below. The guide is a fun read that offers menu design ideas, use examples and all the money and time-saving benefits.

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*This post was updated on 10/17/2017


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