YMCA Makes a Splash with Waterproof Paper

Waterproof Paper at YMCA

YMCA Creates Durable Guides with Waterproof Paper

Our most recent Photo Applications Contest submission came in from Christina Weiss, the Aquatics Director at YMCA of South Hampton Roads in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Christina explained that they use our REVLAR waterproof paper for their swim lesson program, where the instructors need to be able to use their printed guides right in the water:

“At the YMCA we are currently revamping our swim lesson program to a new, more streamlined program. The use of waterproof paper in the water during our lessons will help us provide a more consistently delivered program. I share that with you because I honestly believe you’re helping us make a difference in many children’s lives. I use the Canon IR V to print the lesson guides and skill guides to be able to use them in the water. So far they’ve lasted over 8 hours in the water consistently.”

REVLAR is not only waterproof, it’s also durable. It is ideally suited for printed materials that will be subject to extreme environmental conditions or grease and chemicals. Check out this brochure to learn more about REVLAR’s features and benefits!

For this particular application at the YMCA, it was important that the printed guides be able to withstand not just water, but chlorine and frequent handling as well. REVLAR proved that it was up to the challenge.

Christina’s glowing report made quite a splash here at Relyco! We are currently working with other YMCA Aquatics Programs around the country and Christina was one of our first YMCA customers! We are so pleased to see that she’s happy with REVLAR.

Relyco recognizes that YMCAs are non-profits, so we have created a customized buying experience that reduces cost, streamlines the ordering process and helps YMCAs all over the country get the materials they need to create durable guides to meet their member’s expectations.

Click here to read the full YMCA customer story. Contact us to learn about how Relyco’s print solutions can address your business needs.

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