How to Select the Right Durable Paper for Your Application

How to Choose Durable PaperA quick search using your favorite search engine will tell you that the names and types of durable paper available today can be confusing; and making a choice can be daunting.

To help you decide, we’ve put together this SlideShare presentation to help you determine which durable paper is right for your particular application. A transcript is also available below.

A great way to identify the best product for your application is to ask yourself a few simple questions, including the ones below:

    • How long does your application need to last?
    • Will it be subject to rain and the elements?
    • Does it need to be tear proof or tear resistant?
    • What type of printer is being used?

Let’s take a look at these, one at a time. We’ll use two product types as examples: synthetic paper material, which is solid plastic, and durable composite, which is stronger than paper, but lacks the longevity of synthetic.

1. How Long Will it Need to Last?

Think about what you are using the printed material for. Is it a sign that will hang outside a long time? Or will it be for a specific event or short term use? Event signage, menus or maps do very well on a composite material because they are not affected by long term changes in the environment.

2. Will it Be Subject to Rain and the Elements?

A composite material, like TriDura from Relyco, offers superior wet strength for short term uses, but for an application in harsh environmental conditions, a full synthetic like REVLAR should be considered.

3. Tear-Proof or Tear-Resistant?

Another important factor when selecting a durable paper is how it will be used after printing. A pure synthetic paper product, like REVLAR waterproof paper, is tear-proof because it is a solid plastic sheet.

Layered materials like TriDura are tear-resistant. Tear-resistant materials are more easily damaged, more prone to abrasion, and once damaged, break down fairly quickly.

4. What Type of Printer is Being Used?

It’s important to understand what printer will be used so that the print quality and ease-of-use compares to printing traditional paper. The unique construction of these products provides compatibility with flexo, litho offset, laser, digital, UV and ink jet printing.

Understanding your application and the synthetic options available are the first steps. If you are still unsure, or want to talk about a specific use, click below and talk to a Relyco expert.  It’s a lot easier than sorting through pages of search results!

View our recent durable paper webinar. We expand on these questions and provide application ideas for your next project.

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