TriDura Man and His Compatible Sidekicks: The Printer Squad


The life of a superhero can be a lonely road. That’s why the best superheroes have sidekicks—someone to share the mission with. Think about it: Where would Batman be without Robin?

Our durable paper hero is no exception. When TriDura Man needs help bringing durable paper products to the world, he calls upon his own team of sidekicks. We call them…The Printer Squad.

TriDura Durable Paper’s Compatibility With Printers

Because of his unique construction of paper/polymer/paper, TriDura Man is compatible with almost any printer. His squad of sidekicks includes flexo, litho offset, laser, digital, UV, and inkjet printers, all eager to assist TriDura Man in his mission to save the world from weak print products.

TriDura Man’s inner core provides the water- and tear-resistant durability of fully synthetic paper, while his outer layers provide the flexibility and feel of standard paper, meaning TriDura is less likely to experience coloring or compatibility issues when working with printers.

And TriDura Man would never dream of letting his friends get in a jam. They’re a team.

Put TriDura Man and The Printer Squad to the Test

TriDura Man and his sidekicks are ready and waiting to help those who need something more durable than standard paper. They can take on any situation where printed materials will be subject to frequent handling or environmental elements and emerge victorious.

Printing thousands of menus for a special event? No problem.

Trail guides that may be subject to rain and dirt? Piece of cake!

Trade show brochures? Easy as pie.

Get your free limited-edition sample kit and discover exciting ways to use this brand new durable paper.

Durable Paper Sample Pack

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