Permanent, Low Tack or Microsphere Waterproof Labels: Which Ones Do You Need?

REVLAR Waterproof Label SelectionLabels. We all use them for a wide variety of applications. Some are plain, some are elaborate and others are very formal. Whatever the type, they need to convey a message and they need to stick!

What Type of Waterproof Laser Labels Do You Need?

How they need to stick determines what type of label you should select for your application:

  • Do they have to be waterproof or permanent?
  • Do you want to peel them off one item and place them on another?
  • Do they need to be strong enough to take a lot of handling?
  • Do they have to resist temperature or climate changes?

Let’s go through the available options now that you have an idea of the adhesive strength you need.

Permanent and Removable Waterproof Labels

Relyco’s waterproof labels come in both permanent and low-tack formats. They are available in white, frosted, matte or clear faces on an adhesive liner.

Being a REVLAR product, they are waterproof, tear resistant, impervious to heat and cold, and can be printed in your laser or digital printer.

Microsphere and Low Tack Removable Labels

There are labels that are designed to be used in any setting that requires moveability.


If you need to use, move and re-use a label, then microsphere labels are your best bet; flexible, removable, repositionable.

The unique construction of these labels with a special adhesive on the back are designed to be removed cleanly from any surface: smooth, rough or hard, and repeatedly reused.


Then there are the labels that have to be permanently affixed to a surface.

Permanent Waterproof Labels

With a long-lasting adhesive, these are the marine and laboratory grade labels (which are BX 5609:1986 Section 2 and 3 compliant): the most durable products available in the industry.

Designed to withstand total seawater immersion and wash downs, they can be affixed to all kinds of drums and containers used to transport petroleum and chemical products.

They can be used for lab and healthcare applications as well as being suitable for warehousing and distribution needs. They are particularly suited to dry toner and thermo print processes. 

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