Carbonless Paper FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

Carbonless Paper FAQsREIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper is an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, laser-compatible carbonless paper solution ideal for converting continuous carbonless forms to a laser format.

Unlike traditional carbonless paper, which is manufactured with solvent-based chemicals that can damage critical printer components, REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper is manufactured specifically for use in laser printers and digital copiers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Carbonless Laser Paper

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about carbonless laser paper.

Q. Do the forms run through the printer at the same time? How do the forms stay together? How does the laser printer print multiple copies of the same form?

A. Traditional multipart forms are made up of multiple sheets that are usually pin fed through an impact printer via removable line holes on either side. These types of forms are printed on the top page, and that printing is imaged on the remaining parts using carbonless technology. All the printing and imaging is done simultaneously (one pass through the printer).

Since a laser printer can only print a single sheet at a time, with carbonless laser forms, a user prints multiple copies of the same form and then collates them once printing is complete. For a three-part form, for example, a user programs printing software to print three copies of each form, one after the other, on the carbonless laser paper (With a three-part form, the top sheet is white, the middle sheet is canary, and the bottom sheet is pink).

Once they’ve been printed, the forms may be stapled, bound or glued into sets, or left as is, without any binding.

Q. Can I use traditional carbonless paper in my laser printer?

A. Traditional carbonless paper—the kind typically used in continuous, multipart forms—is not intended for use in a laser-compatible environment. Although traditional carbonless paper will run through most printers, it is manufactured with solvent-based chemicals that can cause severe damage to rollers, drums and other critical printer components.

REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper is manufactured specifically for use in laser printers and digital copiers and will not damage printing equipment.

Q. Does laser carbonless paper come pre-collated and un-collated?

A. REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper is available pre-collated for single tray use, or uncollated for use in multiple-tray (or even multiple-printer) applications.  Pre-collated carbonless laser paper is available in straight and reverse sequences to ensure printer compatibility, regardless of the way in which a printer handles the paper.

Q. Is testing laser carbonless paper recommended?

A. Because each application is unique, physical testing of REIMAGE Carbonless Laser Paper using the actual laser printer and laser printer trays on which the forms will be printed is the most effective way to determine which REIMAGE option is right for you.

Q. How do I know if my printer loads face up or face down? How do I know if my printer outputs face up or face down?

A. Printer Input
To learn if your printer loads face up or face down, remove all paper from the paper tray. Mark an “X” on one side of a single sheet of blank paper, and put it into the empty tray with the “X” facing up. Print a single page test document and when it comes out, see where the printing is. If the printing is on the side with the “X,” then your printer loads “Face Up.” If it is on the opposite side, then your printer loads “Face Down.”

Printer Output
To know if your printer outputs “Face Up” or “Face Down,” print a single page test document. When the printed sheet comes out, if you are looking at the printed side of the page, then your printer outputs “Face Up.” If you can only see the blank side of the sheet, then your printer outputs “Face Down.”

Q. Why do you carry straight and reverse carbonless laser paper?

A. Because different laser printer models load and feed differently, Relyco carries both a straight and reverse item for 3-part and 4-part REIMAGE.  Our 2-part item number can be set to print either straight or reverse. Visit the Expertise Center’s Carbonless Laser Paper Guide for information about which format to choose.

To Learn More

To learn more about REIMAGE carbonless laser paper from Relyco, call 1-800-777-7359 or email Sample Request


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