Relyco’s Four Years of Charitable Giving at PRINT

Charity Tags

It wasn’t just all about products for us at PRINT18, we also celebrated the fourth year of our annual Colors for Charity program! For the program, we printed 300 tags on our REVLAR Colors waterproof synthetic paper and gave them away as badges. Each color represents one charity. Everyone who stopped by our booth was encouraged to choose a charity badge and we pledged to make a $5 donation to their choice.

Colors-for-CharityThis program serves as an effective way to put our company’s values on display during the show…literally! (We put the badges right on our poster stands.) We’ve also found that it’s a wonderful way to break the ice and find some common ground – outside of print – while chatting with folks. Obviously, everyone is at PRINT to talk about business and the print industry, but we also value making human connections on a deeper level through these charity badges; we’re honored whenever folks share their personal stories or connections to the charities.

This year, the charities were American Cancer Society, Parkinson’s Foundation and Wounded Warrior Project. These three charities are particularly near and dear to our hearts; they were selected and voted on by Relyco employees earlier this year. Relyco donated a total of $1,500 to these three worthy organizations this week. We’d like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth and participated!


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