REVLAR Soft is a soft synthetic paper that is made from polyolefin. Despite the difference in core material, REVLAR Soft has the same waterproof, weatherproof, tear-proof characteristics that we discussed on the synthetic paper page.

What’s so special about REVLAR Soft?

REVLAR Soft’s most obvious feature is the way it feels. Polyolefin results in a product that feels soft and silky to the touch, which is why we named it REVLAR Soft!

REVLAR Soft is a truly unique product in the synthetic market. Most synthetics are rigid, whereas Soft is pliable. REVLAR Soft serves as an excellent alternative to traditional rigid synthetics because it addresses the challenges with foldability, writability, cost and printability that some customers have with synthetic paper.

Fold & go!

REVLAR Soft is extremely easy to fold, unlike a traditional rigid synthetic. Its flexibility allows it to fold (and hold that fold) well. Some customers have even found that pre-scoring is not necessary for their menu and map projects.


Often, when writing on waterproof synthetic papers, pen or marker ink will smear if you don’t give it a lot of time to dry. REVLAR Soft does not have this problem! You can write and stamp on it the way you would with a standard paper.


There are several elements that impact the cost of a synthetic paper, but the main driver is the cost of the base material. Soft is made from polyolefin, which is a unique plastic material that is just as durable as polyester and other plastics, but is much more cost-effective.

Low gsm

Polyolefin is not as dense as polyester, which results in a lower gsm for REVLAR Soft compared to all other synthetic papers in the market.

What does this mean?

Grams per square meter (gsm) measures the density or how heavy a paper is. Mil size correlates to the thickness of a paper. Typically, if a mil size is higher, the gsm will also be higher. All printers have a maximum gsm threshold. Because of how gsm and mils typically correlate, when a gsm threshold is reached, that usually precludes thicker mils from being run as well.

Why does this matter for you?

REVLAR Soft is unusual because its gsm remains relatively low, even in thicker mils. This makes it possible for thicker mils of Soft to be run, even when a printer has a lower gsm threshold. REVLAR Soft is compatible with dry toner laser production machines, offset printers and flexo printers.

See what we’ve got:

  • Thicknesses include 8 mil (200 gsm), 10 mil (250 gsm), 12 mil (300 gsm)
  • Standard sizes include 8.5″ x 11″, 11″ x 17″, 12” x 18”, 13″ x 19″
  • Custom sizes and rolls are available

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Client Stories

We always used paper and I would print it here. Invariably splashes of drinks and food get on the menus. Obviously they have to be changed out every time. So there’s a printing cost and our staff was in a panic coming in to see me to get new stuff printed because of the damage. But with this [REVLAR], it’s a durable product. So it’s much easier to maintain. It’s a lot less overhead.

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- Jeff Roemer Owner, Blue Latitudes

Check out REVLAR Soft Solutions by Industry

Here are just a few of the ways REVLAR Soft has been used.

  • hospitality printing solutions
    • Menus
    • Cookbooks
    • Recipe cards
    • Table tents
    • Airline tray liners
    • Placemats
    • Hotel door handle tags
    • Water-bottle labels
    • Event passes
  • retail printing solutions
    • Shelf wobblers/danglers
    • Shelf strips/sliders
    • Deli picks
    • Bottle neckers
    • Retail tags/labels
    • Banners/signs
    • Point-of-purchase displays
    • Loyalty/reward cards
  • education printing solutions
    • Manuals
    • Bookmarks
    • Student ID cards
    • Parking passes
    • Charts
    • Flash cards
    • Posters
  • government printing solutions
    • Temporary license plates
    • Fishing license
    • Transit/city maps
    • Parking tickets
    • Permits/regulations
    • Training/feild manuals
    • Signage/notices
  • medical printing solutions
    • Manuals
    • Charts
    • ID tags/cards
    • Signage
    • Emergency guides
    • Medical lab logs/forms
  • industrial printing solutions
    • Blueprints
    • Badges
    • Chemical drum tags
    • Parts/maintenance manuals
    • Service tags
    • Construction signage
    • Crate/pallet tags
  • recreational printing solutions
    • Scuba diving records
    • Sailing log books
    • Runner’s/cyclist’s bibs
    • Trail maps
    • Event passes
    • Golf score cards
    • Lift tickets
  • multi-industry printing solutions
    • Keg Collars
    • Business cards
    • Catalogs
    • Brochures
    • Tab dividers
    • Tickets
    • Posters
    • Calendars
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