Waterproof & Durable Menus


How waterproof menus can help restaurants

REVLAR Waterproof Menus are durable, weatherproof, stain-resistant, washable and tear-proof. They are made from the same synthetic material as our traditional REVLAR waterproof paper, which is FDA compliant as a food contact substance (FCS). These menus can withstand spills, stains and the frequent and rough handling in any restaurant environment, which is where paper menus fail.

Back away from the laminator

Waterproof menus are designed to replace the tedious and costly process of laminating paper. Many restaurants choose to laminate in an effort to extend the life of a menu. But lamination is not only an expensive process, it is also susceptible to cracking, peeling and puncturing. Ultimately, it produces a finished piece that is not aesthetically pleasing over the long-term.

Easy printing & cleaning

REVLAR Waterproof Menus can be used in laser printers. Waterproof menus offer the same image quality of standard printer paper, allowing them to shine with stunning designs and eye-catching colors.

These menus are easily cleanable, which makes it possible to sanitize them. A wet cloth or mild cleanser should do the trick, but if you choose to use a more harsh cleanser, we recommend UV coating to extend the life of the toner on the synthetic material.

REVLAR: not just for restaurant menus

Waterproof paper can fit the needs of any restaurant management staff by replacing paper with a hassle-free modern solution. REVLAR can be used for anything: employee training guides, recipe cards, safety signage, kitchen appliance instructional manuals, etc. Lasting durable printed materials will keep your restaurant running smoothly by saving you money, time and annoyance.

Get the rundown on menus:

  • Pre-sized and pre-scored templates available
  • Colors include: white, vibrants and pastels
  • Sizes offered: 8.5″ x 11″, 8.5″ x 14″, 11″ x 17″ and 12″ x 18″
  • Thicknesses range from 4.7 mil – 13.7 mil (125 gsm – 510 gsm)
  • Order directly or conveniently online

Need custom or design help?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any custom inquiries or questions you may have! We’d be happy to chat with you about your preferences. Custom pre-scoring options are available with single or double scores, which makes it easier for you to fold your printed menus. We also offer design and waterproof menu printing services, should you need it. Simply click here to get connected with one of our experts today!

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Client Stories

We printed a menu on each paper sample using our multifunction printer, and then we tested: we spilled beer and sauce from chicken wings on them; we tried to tear them; we stepped on them; we put them outside in the wind and rain. REVLAR came out on top. It is completely laser printable, foldable, waterproof, and tear resistant, and so easy to use. We can update menus and print them virtually on demand. We are so impressed that we’ve added a ‘Printed by REVLAR’ insignia to each menu!

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- Holly Hayden Business Assistant, Grinders
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