Substitute Checks – IRDs

Thousands of financial institutions rely on Relyco for their substitute checks and/or IRD printing needs. In fact, Relyco is home of the “Original IRD”—a Relyco trademark.

In stock and ready to ship, our high-quality safety IRD paper is image friendly, provides optimal scanning consistency, superior laser compatibility and meets all federal guidelines for guaranteed Check 21 compliance.

Relyco IRD paper/substitute checks are specifically designed to comply with the ANSI X9.100-140-2018 technical guidelines in size, layout, paper weight and document security.

Stock IRD/Substitute Checks Feature

  • Covert and overt security features to deliver protection from fraud
  • A number of layout options for both forward and return IRD’s
  • 1-up 8.5” X 11” IRD paper layout compatible with the PDF delivery program from the Federal Reserve for Return Substitute Checks
  • Custom layouts for unique applications or special requirements



Client Stories

We’ve been very satisfied with the quality and features of the checks Relyco provides, and Relyco’s customer service has been outstanding. Relyco always responds quickly to my requests or questions, they listen to our requirements, and recommend the best solution, making my job easier.

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- Nancy Allison Office Manager, Southeastern Liquid Analyzers
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