Toner Products

Relyco offers Relyco-approved MICR toner cartridges to guarantee compliance with ANSI X9 standards for MICR printing.

Additionally, Relyco offers remanufactured MICR toner cartridges as well as standard and color toner from vendors including Piracle, TROY, IBM, Xerox, Lexmark and Source Technologies.

Toner Products

Relyco offers MICR toner that continues to meet the rigorous standards of ASC X9 (Accredited Standard Committee X9) and the American Banking Association, as well as cartridge recycling options and newer, more environmentally-friendly Tamarack toner.

These products are offered through the following brands:

  • Piracle Remanufactured MICR Toner
  • Rosetta Technologies-IBM Cartridges
  • Source Technologies-Lexmark Cartridges

MICR Toner

Relyco offers MICR Toner Cartridges that are 100% Guaranteed and meet or exceed the standards of ANSI X9B and the American Banking Association (ABA) for signal strength and toner permanence, the two critical factors at work in producing high quality MICR checks through your laser printer.

Remanufactured MICR

Relyco offers Piracle recycled Tamarack MICR toner that embodies our commitment to the environment. Recycled toner offers an environmentally-friendly solution while continuing to meet the rigorous standards of ASC X9 (Accredited Standard Committee X9) and the American Banking Association, Tamarack offers users a cost-effective and environmental toner option.

Standard & Color Toner

Piracle also offers a wide variety of printer cartridges to meet your everyday print needs.

Features of these products include:

  • Certified MICR toner helps prevent check processing failure.
  • Unparalleled signal strength and permanence ensures check legibility, even after repeated passes through reader/sorter machines.
  • Cartridge recycling program and optional Tamarack toner offer environmentally-friendly solutions.
  • “Total Solution” guarantee.

Client Stories

We print thousands of checks each month, and our printers and folder, which we also purchased from Relyco, work very well with the Relyco product.

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- Travis Young Treasury Analyst, Xango
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