Pressure Seal Forms and Equipment

Pressure seal forms and equipment let you create and process secure, one-piece self-mailers without the use of an envelope. Our pressure seal options provide a fully integrated solution for all types of business mailing.

Pressure seal works for small businesses that want to streamline their invoices or payroll, or schools that want to send a “tamper evident” grade report home. Direct mail houses use pressure seal for their single piece mailings to decrease material cost as well as processing time.

When you combine Relyco’s ULTRASEAL forms and Formax pressure seal equipment with your digital printer, you have a secure, streamlined process that will cut your cost by eliminating envelope inventory, reduce man hours spent hand-stuffing envelopes, and substantially increase your open rates!

  • ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal Forms

    ULTRASEAL® is Relyco’s revolutionary pressure seal solution offering businesses and marketers a cost-effective and environmentally efficient way to create, process and deliver mailed pieces without an envelope.

  • ULTRASEAL Self Mailers

    ULTRASEAL® self mailer pressure seal forms are the cost-effective and environmentally efficient way to create, process, and deliver mailed pieces without an envelope. Folding, stuffing, gluing, and heating of mailings and envelopes are a thing of the past. Pressure seal solutions from Relyco are the future.

  • ULTRASEAL Custom Self Mailers

    Relyco can create customized ULTRASEAL self-mailers designed to meet the unique needs of any organization. Pressure seal custom self-mailers are the cost-effective and environmentally efficient way to create, process, and deliver mailed pieces – your way.

  • ULTRASEAL Pressure Seal Checks

    ULTRASEAL™ pressure seal checks improve efficiency and increase the security of sensitive information by eliminating the envelope. Our unique one-piece design offers up to 15 built-in security features, providing your business with the perfect solution for the secure distribution of checks.

  • ULTRASEAL Tax Forms

    ULTRASEAL™ Self Mailer Tax Forms are easy to use one-piece forms designed to eliminate the need for envelopes — as well as the time and expense of folding and insertion — Relyco Pressure Seal Tax Forms are cost effective, versatile and easy to use.

  • Formax Pressure Seal Equipment

    For over 10 years, Relyco has carried the Formax™ Autoseal line of pressure seal equipment. The Autoseal line of machines for Relyco’s ULTRASEAL forms are the most durable and dependable machines on the market today. They range in handling capacity to match any business need, from a few hundred forms per month to hundreds of thousands.

Client Stories

The pressure seal paper Relyco provided for our invitations was of far better quality and, surprisingly, was even more cost effective. When we distributed invitations using the pressure seal paper, we were able to realize a greater return on investment.

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- Keiron Guishcard Senior Analyst, Cognizant
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