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Are you a Food & Beverage professional who is looking to set yourself apart from the competition? If you’re a distributor who is already providing menus to your clients, upgrading those menus is a no-brainer. By offering your customers better solutions for menus and signage, you will assist in sales growth and customer retention.Regular menu vs. REVLAR menu

How to upgrade menus: REVLAR waterproof synthetic paper

A waterproof synthetic paper will achieve the upscale look you want right out of the printer and without any additional steps (like lamination) to make it durable. Plus, you can use it for both indoor and outdoor dining spaces!

REVLAR waterproof synthetic paper looks and feels like regular paper, but it is:REVLAR Attributes Icons

Long-lasting durability + easy cleaning = profit

  • Menus printed on this high-quality material will look as good on day 30 as they did on day 1
  • REVLAR can be washed and sanitized with a mild cleanser – no need to throw away menus (and money) when they get dirty, wet or unhygienic
  • By eliminating the need to reprint menus, the switch from paper to REVLAR is cost-effective
  • Menus that are aesthetically pleasing, clean, long-lasting and professional can help restaurants & bars achieve their sales and profit goals



  • A variety of sizes, thicknesses and material grades allows for flexibility of use – insert REVLAR menus into menu books, bind them into their own stitched or spiral bound pieces or simply use REVLAR to create one-sheet flat or folded menus
  • How else can you use REVLAR?
    • Signage – back kitchen or customer-facing
    • Loyalty cards
    • Labels
    • Tags
    • Training manuals
    • Recipe cards

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Client Stories

We didn’t like the look of paper menus in plastic sleeves. That’s what we had when we first opened. We wanted something that was just a little more different. We needed something durable, that didn’t need additional protection. We wanted something that could handle a lot of use, especially in the summer when we have a high volume of customers.

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- Becky Donovan General Manager, Atlantic Grill
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