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Grocery stores that are looking to increase their sales can achieve this goal by upgrading their in-store signage. Clean and attractive signage that focuses on providing convenience and culinary inspiration is important to customer satisfaction and, ultimately, sales.

When you pair this signage need with the current trend of expanding prepared food sections, you’ll find that durable signage that can withstand moisture is a must. Standard paper signs won’t cut it. Even if you try to laminate or protect the paper with plastic, those solutions are expensive, time-consuming and not always effective at keeping water out. On top of all that, the resulting look is not aesthetically pleasing.

Regular signage vs. REVLAR signage

The easy solution: REVLAR waterproof synthetic paper

A waterproof synthetic paper will achieve the upscale look you want right out of the printer and without any additional steps to make it durable.

REVLAR Premium synthetic paper looks and feels like regular paper, but it is:

Waterproof, Tear-proof, Weatherproof, Long-lasting, Printable on a laser printer, #1 recyclable plastic

This high-quality signage will look as good in the evening as it did in the morning. It can be more than just pricing signage; use these signs to describe product origins, nutritional properties and fun facts! REVLAR is perfect for signage in moisture-rich fresh departments, like produce, deli, meat, seafood and prepared food sections. You can even use it outdoors as signage for seasonal displays.

Easy cleaning & food-safe

  • REVLAR signage can be washed and sanitized with a mild cleanser – ideal in areas of the store where there is a high risk of contamination or bacterial growth
  • It is FDA compliant as a food contact substance (FCS), so it is proven to be safe if it directly touches food – a perfect solution for deli counters/stations where signs are nestled in and amongst the prepared food, seafood and meat

ROI and savings that add up

When you use REVLAR for your signage, you will reduce your overall costs. REVLAR eliminates the need to reprint paper signage and/or incur an extra expense to make standard paper more durable through lamination.

Need an example?

The Community Food Co-op is a natural grocer that began using REVLAR for signage in 2013. Prior to becoming our customer, they were using laminated card stock, which presented some cost & time challenges:

“Laminating a typical piece of cardstock cost about $1.17 per sheet for the lamination alone; the REVLAR plus toner is as much as $0.20 less per sheet. This is on top of the time our team members save on sign production,” explains Melissa Elkins, the Co-op’s Sustainability Program Coordinator.

Previously, with lamination, the Co-op had a two-step process to laminate each sign:

“To ensure the longest life for the finished product, we created our laminated signage in a two-step process,” says Habiba Sial, the Community Food Co-op’s graphic designer. “We designed, printed, and cut each individual sign, then laminated them and trimmed them again…the lamination process took time away from other more important tasks.”

With REVLAR, the signs only need to be cut once, which reduces staff labor time and makes the process more simple. You can learn more about how the Community Food Co-op uses REVLAR – including their recycling initiative – here.

How else can you use REVLAR?

The material is versatile, which allows it to support a variety of uses:

  • Loyalty cards
  • Labels
  • Tags
  • Store manuals
  • Recipe cards
  • In-store menus

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Client Stories

Everything that we print on REVLAR is more durable and tear-resistant than anything we printed on traditional paper stock. In the past, store owners were often frustrated when a sign or pop-out they put up in the morning was destroyed by the afternoon. That doesn’t happen with items printed on REVLAR. Our customers tell us that even though REVLAR may be more expensive initially, their signs last ten times as long. In the end, REVLAR stands up to abuse, moisture and temperature changes—and is much more cost effective overall.

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- Steve Nicholes Senior Production Control Specialist, Associated Food Stores
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