Healthcare professionals count on security, safety and accuracy every day. Relyco offers a variety of printable security paper for medical prescriptions or other privacy related documents.

Our laboratory approved label stock and printable waterproof paper holds up to extremes in temperature and even sterilization.

We can also provide laser printable wristbands for patient identification, ID cards for patient information, or create custom form and label combinations used in FDA-governed applications.

  • Security paper for prescriptions and other authorized documents
  • Stock and custom forms for medical tests and records
  • Laboratory certified label stock for extreme conditions

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  • REVLAR Waterproof Paper

    Whenever printed pieces will be subject to frequent handling, wet surroundings or extreme environmental conditions, synthetic paper is the perfect solution. REVLAR paper is waterproof, tear-proof, durable, impervious to grease and chemicals, weatherproof and specifically designed to withstand high/low temperature fluctuations.

  • ID and Membership Cards

    Our ID and membership cards are available in a range of styles, sizes and materials. Simply choose the ID/membership card that meets the quality, durability and cost requirements for your unique project.

  • LaserBand ID Wristbands

    Ideally suited to hospitals and medical clinics, LaserBand ID Wristbands are self-laminating and laser-printer generated, with integrated admission labels. Choose between the Original LaserBand or the more advanced LaserBand2.

  • Multipurpose Security Paper

    Protect private documents with our multipurpose security paper. Ideal for contracts, wills, deeds, titles, and other legal documents, our copy protection paper is essential for industries that regularly deal with with sensitive information.

  • Secure Prescription Paper

    Healthcare facilities use our secure prescription paper to protect prescriptions and medical records from illegal duplication or alteration. Common applications include prescription pads, confidential patient files and records and medical tests and results.

  • Specialty Printing Paper

    From direct mail, to eye catching POP displays, our full line of specialty paper products give you an attractive framework to make your message stand out. Whether its something that will last just a short while, or stand the test of time, Relyco specialty papers have just what you need.

  • Pressure Seal Forms and Equipment

    Relyco offers a full line of quality pressure seal forms. In addition, Relyco offers Formax pressure seal machines capable of processing any volume of pressure seal forms you have.

  • Business Checks

    Our secure, premium laser checks (computer checks) are available in over 50 layouts to deliver high-quality MICR documents to meet any business requirement.

  • Labels

    From standard laser and digital labels to waterproof, microsphere and marine labels, we’ve got the label you need.

  • Printers with Locking Trays

    For many industries and business applications, ensuring the security of critical documents is essential. Our inventory of printers with locking trays will enable you to protect and secure checks, legal forms, prescriptions, deeds, titles, and more.

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Since they are printed on REVLAR, we can feel confident all our materials will remain clear and legible for as long as patients need them. We achieve our goals of producing high-quality materials while saving time and money overall. It’s a win-win.

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- Anne Arvin Project Assistant, Information Design, Medpace
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