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Print shop owners tell us that key factors for success are “short run” and “on demand” printing services. We offer a wide range of stock products for traditional print shop forms, as well as digitally approved media for personalized promotions and campaigns.

Our pre-die cut paper eliminates a custom die charge, while our waterproof paper for signs eliminates the cost of laminating. Whether you need to sub-contract part of a job, or are looking for the digital media to complete it, we have a substrate and a solution.

  • Specialty media for print-on-demand applications
  • Personalized promotional/presentation products for greater impact
  • Custom design and printing services available

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  • REVLAR Waterproof Paper

    Whenever printed pieces will be subject to frequent handling, wet surroundings or extreme environmental conditions, synthetic paper is the perfect solution. REVLAR paper is waterproof, tear-proof, durable, impervious to grease and chemicals, weatherproof and specifically designed to withstand high/low temperature fluctuations.

  • Specialty Printing Paper

    From direct mail, to eye catching POP displays, our full line of specialty paper products give you an attractive framework to make your message stand out. Whether its something that will last just a short while, or stand the test of time, Relyco specialty papers have just what you need.

  • ID and Membership Cards

    Our ID and membership cards are available in a range of styles, sizes and materials. Simply choose the ID/membership card that meets the quality, durability and cost requirements for your unique project.

  • Labels

    From standard laser and digital labels to waterproof, microsphere and marine labels, we’ve got the label you need.

  • Pressure Seal Forms and Equipment

    Relyco offers a full line of quality pressure seal forms. In addition, Relyco offers Formax pressure seal machines capable of processing any volume of pressure seal forms you have.

Sample Kits for Print Shops

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Client Stories

REVLAR was innovative and creative. It was also weather resistant and durable enough to withstand use around the pool and in the club; plus it was affordable enough to align with the client’s budget. Importantly, as the vendor who would produce the ‘Green Valley Cash,’ we appreciated that REVLAR was available in a range of thicknesses, colors, and finishes and could hold ink with traditional or digital printing.

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- Leigh Lieman PR Marketing Director, Miller's Minuteman Press
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